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A medical affair

It was all white…the walls, his uniform! I love to come to his cabinet, to see him working, he is so devoted to his job, he is such a great doctor and he is loved and respected by all of his patients. I used to come a lot of time into his office after we became a couple…I have always had fantasies with medics, doctors and nurses. I used to dress up like a nurse, come into his office, taking him by surprise and make love with him right there on the table. He is a tall man, well build, with dark, black hair and deep , green eyes with black eyelashes. He is stunning, smart and very funny, any woman would want him as a partner… don’t forget he is a great lover too! When I make love with him I am transported into another world, my whole universe becomes him. He makes me reach the climax and have orgasms every time. And he is all mine, lucky me!

It all started when I had a health problem. I was feeling a little bit ill, weak, I was having insomnia, and I was incapable to focus or to do my job… I was a secretary to a very rich company of fashion magazines. My job was to stay all day at the computer, write things, I was even writing articles for the magazine, it was an exhausting job but I was also in love with it. There were times when I was going out and take interviews about the stars and their way of fashion. But the most of my time I was spending it writing and staying on a chair and when I was returning home I was too tired to do something else, I was watching TV or sleep and rarely I was going out with friends.



So I went to the doctor to do some medical tests to see what was wrong in my body. I went to a private clinic and the results were going to be done in three days, and I made an appointment to a doctor there to interpret them. The days passed and there I was , waiting for the doctor to receive me. When he did that, I saw the most sexy man ever in my life, I was so nervous, I didn’t know what to say more and he told me:

– Come inside, be brave! he smiled with kindness. Take a seat please and let’s see your medical tests!

– Thank you, mister…

– You can call me Brad, I like to be friendly with my patients.

I was amazed by his attitude and how easily he made me feel comfortable. He looked on the results and told me that I was having some lack of calcium and other vitamins, some cells of my liver were affected, but not too bad, the conclusion was that I was going to need a lot of sleep during night (it was true that sometimes I was getting to bed late because I had to write ), sport, healthy food and a lot of fresh air. He asked me about my job and he told me if I could to take some time off , like a medical vacation , he was going to give me a paper for it. I told him that it was my right to do that, I thanked him , he gave me a recipe with some vitamins that I had to but from the pharmacy and he told me again to change my style of life and that he was going to help me because I seemed like a nice person. So, step -by-step our conversation became much more personal than a regular conversation between a doctor and a patient. I saw him that he was looking at me in a weird way, he was even flirting with, I was single and hot, so I responded to his game, I enjoyed his company. After we done, I said goodbye, he got up and opened the door for me and told me that I had to come back after three weeks to retake the medical tests to see if they were better and gave me the address to a relaxing spa and gym ,and told me to go there and make a subscription and go an relax once every two days. I said yes and I left smiling and the rest of my time I thought about him every day.

One day I was heading to the pharmacy, it was almost a week since I last saw him, it was strange but I kinda missed him and I only saw him once in my life. When I was waiting at the line I heard a familiar voice:

– Well hello, gorgeous girl… How do you do today? Feeling better?

When I turned around I saw Brad, giving me a large, big smile, and I smelled his manly perfume, I was all dizzy and having shivers all over my body. We started talking and he proposed me to take a walk together, he was having a break for to hours and he had to return to the cabinet. We walked , laughed, I told him that I was feeling better and better, that I changed my lifestyle and I even asked my boss to change my schedule or I was going to leave my job. I risked it but my life was more important. We talked about our lives in general, he told me that he was single and looking for love… and that he hoped that he was going to see me at the pharmacy, he interested about me and he found out that I was visiting that more frequently. He was eager to see me and he couldn’t wait until the three weeks were done. I was smiling, I was happy to hear that and I confessed him that it was the first time in my life when I was feeling something like that, maybe it was love at first sight. He stopped me and kissed me, with such a hunger and passion that I whispered him to his ear to take me to his office. We rushed there , we stepped inside quickly, kissing and touching each other all over our bodies. I was so wet and horny, and my fantasy with doctors was going to become real in a very short time. I looked at him and I told him to change back into his uniform and he smiled and agreed. We made love like two crazy people, he penetrated me on his desk, he moved faster and faster inside me and made me cum, and I played with his big penis inside my mouth, I licked it and I touched his strong balls, he was leaning on the desk, his stethoscope was touching my head, it was all like in a porn movie, but also a love story with passion…we were insatiable. He took me into his arms and pushed me to the wall and with his hands he was grabbing my full breasts and with his tongue he was tasting my sweet pussy which was hungry for his manly part. We spent a hour making love when someone knocked at the door , it was his secretary and she told him that in ten minutes was going to arrive the next patient. We burst into a big laugh, we kissed and washed a little bit at the small sink that he was having into his office, I dressed and I left, not until I kissed him and we hugged and payed some compliments to each other.

It was all white… the walls, his uniform, my love for him was white and pure like a dove.

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