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A song for you

If love isn’t in our lives, then we won’t be happy. The love that I receive and the love that I offer makes me happy, makes me feel alive, makes me feel the most beautiful, the most wonderful and kind one.


His love made me become another human being, it gave me confidence. I sing in a select restaurant, I do what I love most, I bring people joy. I made canto a lot of years and it is my passion. There I met a lot of nice and warm people, people who became my friends.


It was the New Year’s night, the evening when everyone came to feel great, to welcome with happiness the New Year. I bought a special long black dress, with tinsels, something that I have always wanted. I was in the restaurant since lunch time, I made some repetitions for the evening, I assisted for the arrangements made in the restaurant.


That night was going to come some good friends also , to stay in break time with them at the table, to enjoy together the atmosphere. In their company was a single gentleman, that all night tried to talk with me and smile. At twelve o’clock at night we got out together to see the fireworks and to drink some champagne, to welcome as we should the New Year. As we were admiring the fireworks, I felt a coat on my shoulders. The elegant gentleman from the table put his jacket on me, not to feel the cold. He clanged his glass of champagne with mine and he kissed me friendly on my cheek and he told me that his New Year’s wish has something to do with me. He made me a lot of compliments about how I look, sing and behave. The rest of the night I tried somehow to avoid his look, because he was starring sometimes and I was loosing myself, I couldn’t even sing. When the program was over and everyone left to their home, he came to me and asked me to take a ride with him in his car, on the first day of this year. I accepted, although I was very tired, but I trusted that everything was going to be alright, he was a friend of my friends’. He waited for me to finish everything then he accompanied me to his car, a very beautiful one. We took a ride on the lonely streets of the town, and soon the morning showed up. It was warm in the car, and outside snowflakes began to fall nicely, it was an amazing view. We got out from the car at some point and we stayed for some moments to feel the snowflakes on our warm faces, until our noses were frozen. He took my hands and he warmed them, then he kissed them and he also kissed my cold nose. I was having butterflies in my stomach. He looked me straight in my eyes and he told me that he wished me to come to his house, to drink a warm coffee and to spend the first day of the year with him . I stayed for some moments until I decided then I said yes. We left to the unknown location for me. I had an amazing surprise, because I didn’t know who he was and where he was going to take me. We entered in a yard that couldn’t be seen because of the big fence, he opened the gate with a remote control and when we entered I thought that I was dreaming. A stunning yard with white firs, a big house decorated for Christmas , and when we got inside I was speechless. He took my coat and I remained just in my dress, with my shoulders naked. I was feeling suddenly too naked and a little bit embarrassed in front of him. He put some soft music and he poured some coffee in two cups. We sat at a table to drink the coffee and to watch the stunning view outside. He took my hand and he looked at them, then he told me that he wanted to lay down in bed, to talk and be relaxed. It seemed to me that I knew him forever, I was feeling good with him and safe. I relaxed in the hot bath, I removed my make up with some wet wipes that I found in the bathroom and I got out dressed in a robe. He was waiting for we by the window, dressed also in a white robe, barefoot on the soft carpet that I was also feeling spoiling my feet.


We lay on bed and we put on us a fluffy blancket , he opened the TV and we saw some news about how people spent the New Year then he asked me to sing him a song that he enjoyed .


I was very tired but I sang and then he took me in his arms and he confessed that he was in love with me, that he came before to see me and listen to my voice, but he stayed hidden, he didn’t want me to see him. My heart started to beat fast, I was trying to control myself not to show my emotions. He opened my robe and touched my breasts, then he took his penis out and started to touch it, he took my hand to put it on it, leading me for what he wanted. I felt it so strong and eager to make sex with me. I asked him if it was ok to do this, although I knew that my question was pointless. He began to make sex with me, to kiss my breasts, to touch my ass and to move me as he wanted, he undressed me from my robe and put me on my knees, and he was controlling my breasts with his hands and he was kissing my back, and he was pulling slowly my hair. We moaned together with pleasure, then he finally cum inside me. I got up and went to take a shower. I entered in the bathroom and I remained for some moments exhausted, bearing to the door, I forgot my robe on the bed, to have something to get out from the bathroom. I started the shower and I got inside to wash myself, but he came after me and he began to kiss me and touch me everywhere. He put my leg up to the wall, then he put on his knees and he kissed me down there, the water was all over his face but he didn’t care. He put his tongue and he played as he wanted, until I couldn’t resist more. I begged him to stop but he put me with my hands on the wall, a little bit bent over and he got inside me deep, he was so close to my ass, he was doing fast moves, I couldn’t breath. We finished both of us exhausted, wet and warm from the steam from the shower. We washed each other, we got out covered in towels and we fell asleep tired. We woke up when it was almost dark, I asked him to bring me home. He kissed me and he helped me to put my dress on, then he brought me home. On the road he held my hand and he was kissing it sometimes. Before I got out he grabbed my head and he kissed me, he wouldn’t stop.


That night he called to say me good night, then the next day I woke up with a gentleman at my door with a note in which it was wrote to trust him and go with him. I didn’t want to do that, I was afraid, but after a few minutes he sent me a message, to trust him. I dressed up and I left and in the car, on the bench in the back he was waiting for me, he took me in his arms and kissed me, then we went to his place where we spent an unforgettable night, it was the first night together as an official couple.


The song brought us together, the song made him fall in love with me, and I fell in love with his charm, with his everything.

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