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Love tastes like him

His perfume on my pillow every morning I wake up and he is not by my side, the moments when I sniff to sense his perfume, all of that make me feel the most in love woman ever. The nights spent together with naughty and extreme sex, they are the proof of our love. I am the perfect mistress, I like this status.

Most of the evenings during the week he stays with me and in the weekend he doesn’t. The night are full of love and romance. Sometimes we act like children, we carress each other as if it would be the first time for us. We fell in love at a party at the company where I work, we looked at each other and we felt instantly a big mutual attraction. I didn’t know he was married when he invited me to spend a night with him, but he told me before anything happens between us that night. He didn’t hide that from me and I accepted the situation as it was. I admired him since then, he was talking with some colleagues, he was enigmatic and sexy, he was dressed in a white shirt without a jacket, unbuttoned at the last button  and he was looking insistent at me sometimes. A colleague intoduced us when I was curious and I went to them. Our first love night was spend on the floor in a hotel room, on the fluffy carpet, half naked and craving for sex, hungry for each other. One week we heard nothing from each other and after that he called me and we started to date often. The evenings spent with him are romanic, wild, we cook together, we watch TV and we get along very well. I have never thought at something more. I like to play with his hair, to rub his feet after a working day, to spoil him in the bath tub when he relaxes. There are things that his wife doesn’t apply on him, and I, on the other hand, I fulfill his wishes in bed and also on other plans.



It was a snowy december night and the house was warm and welcoming. I was waiting for Victor to come home, after work. He always comes home later that I do, but that time I was worried. I was looking by the apartment’s window at the lonely street, where nobody was passing anymore. Suddenly I heard the key in the door and I saw him standing with a rose in his hand. I jumped in his arms and I kissed him. I missed him so much. The weekend passed very slow, a time when we cannot be together. I took the rose and I smelled it. It was such a lovely perfume! I took off his coat and I took his hand to walk him to the sofa.

– I would like to tell you something!

I was having chills inside me , I was nervous. Then he took from his bag two tickets to a foreign country where we were going to spend a few days together. I was jumping with joy and I  kissed him all over his face, I kissed his hands also, I was very happy, like a child who received a chocolate or who was going to leave for the first time in a vacation. I wished so much for us to go somewhere to spend time together outside the house and finally my dream was becoming real. We sat together on the couge and we searched on the laptop the location where we were going to leave, an island on a hot country to escape from our december cold. I forgot about the dinner that I prepared, about everything. We talked about our holiday for an hour, then we eat with the rose in the middle of the table, with a bottle of red wine, we drank all of it and I was dizzy. He cleaned the table and washed the dishes then he prepared me a hot bath, standing on the side of the bath tub and spoiling me: he washed my hair, my back and he kissed my neck. I was feeling the pleasure running through my body, I was feeling the desire to have him, I wanted to feel his smell, his skin, to touch him and kiss his lips. His smile was making me feel forever in love. I grabbed him and I pulled him in the bath tub with me with his clothes still on him. I undressed him and I put on his arms, feeling his strong penis, pushing me in the back. He kissed my neck, he took my breasts in his hands and played with them. The warmth in the bathroom and the climax that he was provocking me made me breath so hard. I got up easily and I let his penis to enter in my wet pussy, which was trembling with desire. I was standing still with my back at him , I was holding my hands on the sides of the bath tub, I was raising up and down, and he was touching my breasts with passion.

– You are so sexy and you make love so good! Move slowly, let the pleasure lasts longer!

When he told me that, I stopped for a few moments, he easily bent my back towards him, letting my wet hair touching his face, I got down with my right hand touching my pussy, I rubbed it a little bit, with slowly moves, mouning with pleasure. Suddenly I felt his fingers inside me and I was having an undescriable sensation. He played like that for a few moments then he grabbed my ass and he was pushing me into his penis and he was raising me up with quick moves. I was feeling like I was going to explode, I didn’t want to cum before him and when I thought I couldn’t control anymore I heard him screaming with pleasure, letting me fall slowly on him.  His warmth invaded my body, I was feeling so hot, in and out. He kissed me and he got off from the bath tub, helping me too, and he covered me in a towel. That night we fell asleep cuddling. I was looking forward for the next week to feel his love, to taste him without stopping, from morning to evening, in the vacation that he planned.

The place was stunning, the road was exhausting, but it didn’t matter anymore when I saw how beautiful it was. We spent five days in heaven, with romantic walkings, exotic beach, exotic drinks, love and sex almost without stopping. Each day was similar but also different. On the last but one day there, he took me at a fancy restaurant, where a table was special arranged for us, with champagne and sea food, candles and soft music. I was starring at him and it was for the first time when I didn’t want to be just a mistress anymore, I needed him just for myself. He asked me to dance with him on the silent music, I was feeling the warmth of his hands around my waist then he took my left hand and kissed it, looking me in the eyes.

– I would like to tell you something, he said.

I was thinking about the romantic movies where he propose to her, but it was impossible for us, he was married. He kissed my hand and he was searching  his pocket. My heart was racing, I didn’t know what was happening.

– Will you be my wife? I know, you probably don’t know what’s happening, maybe you like this status of yours, but I wish more from you. I will give you the explanation that you are waiting for. I divorced my wife shortly after we met. I already had the papers, but I didn’t want to tell you, to burden you with this problem. I wish you to be my wife, I can’t live without you, I love you with all my heart.

– Yes, I want to be your wife. I am the happiest woman.

Tears invaded my cheecks, I got close to him to feel his love, to smell him , I tasted his lips and we continued to dance, after that we retired to our room, making love until the morning, happy and fulfilled.

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