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The dream

When I was telling that you can’t fall in love at the first sight, I didn’t know what that was. From the beginning, when I first saw Victor, I felt that I was falling in love with him,I wanted to touch him. I was in seventh heaven when I was introduced with the new colleagues and all of them seemed nice. We became friends very fast, but especially me and Victor. In that evening, when I met him, I dreamed of him.

We were at my place, he came near me and kissed me. He squeezed my cheeks into his hands, then he put his hand on my neck and pushed my head strong to his mouth , kissing me deep. His tongue was exploring my entire mouth , I could feel it deep inside. His breath was fast, he began to play with my curls, letting me from kissing. His fingers were pushing my hot lips, he put one finger into my mouth, and I was tasting it, I started to make it wet. I was loving to do that and he seemed horny. Suddenly I felt his hands looking for my bra, under my shirt.



I was feeling his fingers on my soft skin. I was full of desire, I was enjoying the touch of his hands. He caressed me a little bit on my back then he opened my bra with fastness and precision, as if he was doing that daily. He unbuttoned my shirt then and he removed my bra, living me with my breasts naked and the nipples hard, I was eager to touch me. He looked at me and then he took them in his mouth, taking one nipple, licking it and biting it slowly, then he took the boobs again into his both hands. His mouth was exploring my neck.  I let my head on the back and I closed my eyes, living the pleasant moment. He kissed my neck for minutes and he played with my breasts also. I put my legs around his waist and I got close with my breasts on him, then I tried to take off his shirt with slow moves. His eyes was starring at me, full of passion. Suddenly he put me on the bed and began to open my pants very fast and then he undressed him too, he started to push my thighs with his fingers,then he put them between my legs, then his penis got inside my body, very strong, moving it forward and backward and his mouth was kissing with hunger my breasts. He grabbed my ass and he raised me up, putting my legs around his waist and he was raising me from time to time. I was very excited and I could barely control my breathing, I was sweaty and I waned to cum and offer him a big pleasure. His penis became harder and harder, it was hurting me when he was entering deep inside me… And I woke up from the sleep, sweaty, with my hair wet and my breath fast. Everything was a dream, a beautiful dream indeed.


At work I was looking at him without being seen, with a strong desire to make love with him, as I did in my dream. It was strange that he was looking at me differently than before, as if it was real what happened in the dream. During the day we smiled and it felt different, then before we left he proposed to go all of us and eat together, before going home. I said yes and we went to the restaurant. There everything was very awkward, it seemed that it was a plan made by all the colleagues. I realized that he liked me and we went all out to have fun. I wanted to know more about what he wanted from me, but all we did was to smile, laugh, we did some gestures and mimic figures. We shared a lot of funny stories, adventures from holidays with friends. When we decided to go home he offered to drive me with his car, I left my car at work. He promised me that in the morning he was going to pick me up from home, because my car was at another place. On the road home he payed me some compliments and I liked that very much. When we arrived in front of the house he got off to open my car door and he accompanied me to the door of my house and when I wanted to thank him he told me that I was a beautiful woman and that he would like to go out with me. I smiled and he stole me a kiss. I was having goosebumps, I felt that I was falling in love, and the thought about that dream was making me see him naked, making love. I would have told him to enter the house and I would have undressed him in no time, to eat him up. Suddenly I woke up to reality and I felt his lips getting away from mine. I looked at him and thanked him for bringing me home and I wished him a good evening, closing the door behind me. I was very happy, I was looking forward for the morning to go alongside him in the car to work.


The night passed quickly, the tiredness and the euphoria made me sleep deep, and in the morning I woke up due to his call, he told we that he was going to pick me up in a half an hour. I made my coffee and I prepared for a new day, but it was different now, I was impatient to see him again, to talk with him. I got up in the car and he asked me to kiss him. I looked at him and I wanted to kiss his cheek but he grabbed my head and pulled it to his mouth, kissing me deep and long, as if he didn’t want to let me go. The kiss lasted for a few minutes, my thoughts were so confused. There more minutes when I was feeling that was flying, everything was dizzy around me and fireworks were exploding. He stopped at some point and looked me in my eyes, then he confessed me that he fell in love with me. My heart was racing and my lips were very hot. I told him that I was having feeling for him too, but we shouldn’t rush. We left then for work and all the day we talked trough messages, when we had free time. He invited me in the evening at his house. I was burning with desire to make love with him, to be with him, I was feeling that I couldn’t control me anymore, I was already imagining that everything was going to be like in my erotic dream. The time passed and I had to go to him. When he opened the door I jumped in his arms an I told him that I want him to make love with me in that very second because I thought about that all day and I was impatient. He told me to shut up and he started to undress me impatiently , throwing my clothes off me and he was kissing my body. His perfume was giving me an euphoric sensation, I was feeling that I couldn’t resist more, I was kissing his neck and feeling his exciting taste. Everything happened like in my dream and I admitted that to him too. He penetrated me deep, without prelude , we were both eagerly to reach the maximum climax as soon as possible. His penis invaded me deep inside me, he was moving it through every corner of my wet vagina, which was relaxed and very excited. Our bodies were sweated , we were moving faster and faster and we were screaming with pleasure. I was with my back at him, on his lap, he was seated on an armchair. I was staying with my legs touching the cold floor and I was moving into his arms, touching with my ass his sexy hair on his legs. My breasts were both into his hands and he was playing with them. My hard nipples were feeling his fingers , and his breathing I was feeling in my scruff. He released himself inside me , I didn’t even realize in that moment,then I felt how it was flowing from me something hot which was already on my legs. My fear not to be pregnant I share that with him , but he told me that he would want a baby with me, a beautiful child to look like me. I hugged him and I started to kiss all over his face, we lay on the bed naked and we admired our sweaty body, sweaty from love.


Nights with wild sex came after that, we were the most happy and in love people on the Earth, loving everything at each other.

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