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The paradise

When your feet carry you in some parts of the world where you have never been before, when your dreams become real and you got where you wanted, it is wonderful to realize that it was what you wanted.

Our holiday started and we go in our adventure , three couples that wanted to go on an island in Hawaii. We planned a year before this vacancy , I have always wanted to visit such a magnificent place, with my other half. The night before we left was full of emotions, I could barely close my luggage and I jumped up and down like a child. Sam was more excited about my joy. I spoke late in the night with my friends, to see what everybody took with them , not to forget something.



I was in a relationship with Sam for two years and we were living together for six months. I couldn’t be able to live without him anymore, he completes me, we help each other, it is nothing more beautiful than to live with your other half, to gt along very well and to love one another. I love him like I have never loved before, I wouldn’t have believed that after a relationship that lasted 5 years, I could find someone else to get close with, even love with more intensity, to wish to be for the rest of my life next to him. He knows when I am not feeling okay, when I am mad, when something isn’t alright in the house , he knew hot to get inside my soul but he also knew how to make me love him and to wish to have him always. I don’t think about nothing that could be in the future, I want to think just about the present and to live it at maximum intensity.

I met him in a rainy night, he offered to hold my umbrella above my head, on my way to the parking lot in a mall, I was with my friends, in a period of my life that was not so pink. I raised my eyes and I studied him, then I accepted to accompany me to my car that was parked pretty far away. He had a kind look, big black eyes, brown hair, dressed as I like. He held my umbrella above my head and he presented himself, then he told me that maybe we were going to see each other again, because he saw me in the mall and he liked me. I told myself that something was wrong about him, but I also liked how he was looking and the gesture that he did for me. That evening I found out that he was a friend of Alexia , my colleague and good friend from the company where I was working together for six years, and that gentleman asked for my number. The next day Alexia asked me if she can give him my number, but I said no, and since then a lot of flowers bouquets started to arrive at my office, everyday. Step-by-step I accepted to go out with him and with Alexia and her lover, to eat together. I couldn’t get close with anyone after my last relationship, but everything was very great and he knew how to make me get close to him.

I finished my luggage, I took a shower and I sat on the sofa gazing and thinking about everything that was so beautiful between us and how much I love him. He fell asleep in the bedroom, but I couldn’t. I took my laptop and I began to watch the photos with me and him. On his face was a visible happiness, in my eyes was a brightness that I have never had before. I was deeply in love with him. As I was standing and watching the photos , a bit blue, I heard his voice:

– What are you doing, beautiful girl, why aren’t you sleeping? Tomorrow we’ll live early in the morning and we must be rest.

– I would like to hold me in your arms, I wish to show you how much you mean to me, how much I love you!

He held me in his arms and filled me with his warmth. His hot lips covered my mouth, his manly hand grabbed my neck and he offered me the most passionate kiss ever in my life. He stopped be before I could say anything else, he played with my hair, he kissed my neck and he took me in his arms, he put me on the bed in our bedroom. He undressed before me and he remained naked, then he slowly took off my clothes and he looked at me all over my body, he caressed my fragile body which was trembling with desire. I was feeling a little bit ashamed of the way he was looking at me, I didn’t know how to react, if I had to say something, or do something or just stay and let him do what he wants. I let him do whatever he felt doing, he put his fingers into my pussy and he watched me how I was moaning with pleasure. I felt his strong penis entering inside me and everything was like a fireworks show. We fell asleep tired of love and we woke up when the alarm ringed and we had to leave. I woke up and I made some coffee, I took a shower and I dressed up. We drank together the coffee and we called a taxi to take us to the airport. We met all of us , we were all happy about our vacancy, a week away from the everyday stress, away from the craziness of the city.

We had a flight for some good hours, I was feeling the need to bend, I was impatient to arrive. At some moment I out my head on his shoulder and I fell asleep for a short time. When finally we arrived I was very happy. From the airport to the island we were take by a bus, we sang and we took many photos, we had energy for jokes also. After a while we arrived to a paradise, it was looking unreal. Each of us had a bungalow, next to each other. The living room was stunning, in a Hawaii style, modern, very luxurious, a romantic bedroom and an elegant bathroom with jacuzzi. Our private beach which was available for us was going to warm us everyday. At a short distance from us there was a boat bridge and motorboat which we were going to use it to go to a restaurant and eat and to be massaged by specialists. I took off my shoes and I stepped on the soft sand, I felt the warm water and I saw some fish. We left our luggage and we put our bathing suits, running like mad people, and enjoying everything around like children. Sam took me in his arms in the clear water, he put my legs around his waist and he kissed me with passion, then he let go of me in the water, and we swam together to a coral reef. The six of us were very happy, definitely that holiday was going to fulfill our batteries . in the first evening we dressed in Hawaii style and we left to the restaurant by boat. We had an amazing time, we danced on their music, with a teacher, everyone there were so relaxed and they were drinking cocktails in coconut shells, cantaloupe, different exotic fruits, and the women there were also very exotic. I was a little bit dizzy from the alcohol, but not only me, all of us three girls , we were very happy. When we arrived the bungalows, we removed our clothes, all of us and we entered in the water running naked. We had sex by the moonlight, we kissed and loved in the most romantic possible way. I don’t think that was something more beautiful that I could have tried. Pur love was going to be bigger after our return home. We made a fire in a special place for that and we told stories until the morning.

The following days were like in a fairytale , we made some diving , we visited a lagoon , the coral reef nearby, we had relaxation massages but also an erotic massage for couples, offered by a man and a woman. It was the most fantastic experience, I thought that I was going to be ashamed. I discovered Sam more and he discovered me also, in intimacy. Those people learned us things that we didn’t know we like.

The paradise of Hawaii made us more loving, made us dare to ask and to offer things that make us confident and offer us a lot more attraction.

Orchid flowers, exotic cocktails, all of that speak about us, about our love story.

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