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Woman perfume

If all the perfumes in the world could talk…To tell the story of each woman who wears it…
A lot of times we, women, we are attracted by a man’s perfume, but more often the men are attracted to a woman’s body but also by a woman’s perfume. Citrus perfume or floral scents (lavender, peony, roses, orchid), exotical fruits and aphrodisiacs. All of these are my passion since childhood and I decided to make a career in this domain. I create perfumes by a lot of studies, by my taste or by my lovers’ taste.
Each perfume I make has its own story. It is inspired by me or by other person who wanted it.


It was almost winter, the orders were many, everyone was starting to prepare for the holidays. In my laboratory came a gentleman who had almost forty years old, well dressed, tall and very mannered, he was looking for a suitable perfume, maybe for his lover. I invited him to try different fragrances and combinations, to create the perfect recipe suitable for the taste and the skin of that person.
He was looking weird at me, with sweet eyes, as if he came for me. Everything was so dizzy: the looking, trying fragrances, compliments for me or for my shop, where I was presenting the perfumes. I couldn’t understand his attitude, mainly because he came to pick a perfume for his girlfriend, but I liked his presence. While I was smelling some scents, he touched me softly on my hand and he told me how soft it is my skin and how attractive was my perfume. I was a little bit lost among the words, it took me some time to restart myself. His touch gave me goosebumps, I had butterflies in my stomach, I was shaking and my hands were sweaty. I have never had this kind of reactions due to a man’s touch, I always had a lot of control and I was a rational person, but this time was different. I had to control myself, he wasn’t a man that I could have. We picked together the fabulous combination of scents and I accompanied him to show him another products that I had. He invited me to dinner but I said no instantly. It didn’t seem proper to me just to invite me on such a thing, because he had somebody in his life. He didn’t enjoy my answer, but he talked nicely and he assured me that he won’t accept my refuse.
The rest of that day I dreamed about the sweet man, whose name I wasn’t aware of. My mind was only thinking about him, about his perfume, about his hand that touched mine. I made a coffee and I went outside on the terrace, watching the hurried people, young and old people, kids, couples who were holding hands. I was single but I was enjoying my beautiful life, my job, the laboratory and the shop, I was happy about the beautiful persons that I knew, quality people and very polite. Each bird singing was making my day, the childrens’ laugh and the sound of the bicycles. The entrance to my shop is very cheerful. The imense basket of flowers that welcome the clients it is very colorful, suitable with the perfect weather. Despite the season, the weather was maitaining beautiful and the sun was also present to warm us a little bit. I finished the coffee and I got back in to continue my work. The shop was always full of clients who buy perfumes or order something unique for their loved ones. The men are the most often clients, they buy perfumes for women. They are dear to me and I apreciate them more for this kind of gestures and the care that they prove until the perfumes are wrapped up. Some of them desire something personalized and special, with notes and declarations. The perfume which I wear daily, gives me strenght to finish long days of working very hard.
That day was a relaxing one, I was going out with my friends to eat something. We were a squad of crazy women, who are living the moment. After my hang out I arrived home exhausted, and I took a warm bath in the lavender perfume, my favourite. The soft music, the warm water and the splendind perfume , all of that relaxed me completely.
The next day I received a phone call from my shop, that an enormous flower bouquet was expecting me, accompanied by a note. I was very curious to see from who it was. I didn’t drink my coffee at my home, I dressed up and I left to my shop. When I got there I was excited to hear that the flowers were from that gentleman who bough the perfume the other day. He wrote me in the note that he was thankful and that I was very kind with him because I helped him choose a perfume for his sister and that he would be very delighted if I was going to see him that night. He gave me a phone number. I didn’t know how to react. I was very happy, I wanted to call him and thank him, but I didn’t want to answer his invitation, not because I didn’t want to see him, but because it didn’t seem ok to me to give him an answer at his first try. In the afternoon he called at my sop to talk with me, he saw that I didn’t answer his invitation, the gentleman was very insistent. I thanked him for the flowers and I said yes. We spend a wonderful evening taking dinner at a very elegant restaurant at the top floor of some building with a splendid view. We talked about his bussinness but also about my big passion. He was very elegant and attractive. The evening ended with a walk without happening anything, then each of us went to its car. I dreamed about him that night. He was kissing me with passion, a breathtaking kiss, with his hand through my hair. I could feel his taste, although I didn’t know it.
After a few days he was waiting for me in front of my shop after I finished my work.
– I would like to take you to a beautiful place! I came directly to ask you because you would’ve definetely said no.
I accepted because it would have been lame to let him go. He took me to a ride with the helicopter, from which I saw the entire town. I was very nervous, it was my first time when I was flying with a helicopter. I photographed wonderful places which you can’t see them when you are on the ground. We landed, I was having a big smile on my face and he took me in his arms and kissed me, like in my dream. I was trembling and my knees melted instantly. I wanted him badly in my bed to eat him part by part.
The days passed quickly and our relationship became more and more serious, sometimes I was spending the night at his place and other times he was spending the night at my place, we were waking up in the morning , exhausted after long nights of making love. The perfect man? He was real for me. He was the man that I wanted for myself, he was surprising me, he was romantic and loving, he knew how to cook, to shop and he was helping me with the house job and he was offering me everything that I needed without asking him and that was the most important thing. It was almost Christmas, among the smell of mulled wine with cinnamon, cookies and oranges and delicious stakes. It was going to be our first Christmas together, us and our friends, with decorating the Christmas tree and everything that this holiday was about.
The Christmas Eve found us sneaking down the tree to put some presents, we were both in bathing robes, then we made love lying on the floor, on the soft coat, feeling him inside me, he was ejaculating inside me, I was feeeling that special warmth, I was with my feet up and he was deep inside me, I was mouning with maximum pleasure, in the silence of the holiday spirit.

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