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Secrets of an escort

You can easily spot an escort who is flirting with a hobbyist. She will make often eye contact, she will lean towards him and she laugh and smile constantly. She may touch herself in such a way that will get his atention, her neck, jewelry and hair. It is a great deal an escort flirts with a hobbyist, it means that he has the green ligh and he is “good to go”. This is called body language.sexy lips

The next stage of flirtation is lust. The air will be charged with sexual tension, in this case her eye contact will become direct and her pupils will dilate. She is going to present some sexy movements like, arching her back, with her chest forward and legs crossed. Her breath will become heavier and she start to touch him more often, in every way possible. For the hobbyist this is a score, she is into him, he should responsd and accept what she can offer him.

beatiful escort

Now what happens if she is not interested? It is not a good situation, if she doesn’t make eye contact, then your date with her is over. Furthermore, if she crosses her arms in front of him, or shows signs of awkwardness, acting in an uncomfortable way, she’s faking it. If the hobbyist feels that she is resisting his advances he will try to get a little bit cozy. This is a sign that the date will go wrong and neither of them will have a good time.

A diva who doesn’t like her profession as an entertainer, will have problems getting comfortable with someone. Her body language will become foreign and the hobbyist will feel uncomfortable. She may look into his eyes, then suddenly turn away, move a little closer and then retreat when he is trying to get closer. She may seem an outgoing person but still, she will act shy. The cause of this is, that she is having outside issues. The only thing can be done here, is to go with the flow and do not force the situation.


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How to be sexy – Quick and easy tips !!

There is not such a thing as an unattractive woman. All women are beautiful in their own way. But if you are going to work with us you will need to feel sexy, too. Is one thing for people to say you are sexy, and to feel that yourself, is another thing at all.
Sometimes you only need the smallest of changes in order to understand that you are beautiful and sexy, and that can be our help. I have put together some tips and tricks to help you feel sexy, and make it look like you are not even trying.

Wear some lace. Lace is never out of fashion, especially if worn with style. Some experts even say it has a unique power to transform: “Wearing a lacy top or dress can transform a woman into a seductress. It’s a way to express your feminine side because when you slip into lace, you automatically feel girly and romantic,” says Dr. Ava Cadell, relationship expert and founder of Loveology University. “Lace has a magical effect on men because they anticipate what’s going to happen when the lace comes off.”

Do not forget eyes are a very big deal. Use them well. “Men are generally attracted to women with bigger eyes, fuller lips, and bigger breasts because they look youthful and sexy,” Dr. Cadell explains. “These attributes are also a sign of fertility, with higher levels of estrogen that make these women good candidates for mating.”, she added.

Do not make abuse of a nice cleavage: “A little cleavage is a tantalizing turn-on for a man who enjoys the chase, but too much cleavage can make you look like the hunter and be a turn-off, unless you’re a one-night stand,” says Dr. Cadell.

Your hair is your ally: “Long, sexy hair parted on the side demonstrates a sassy confidence and displays the beauty of feminine bare shoulders,” Dr. Cadell says. “Be sure to shrug them seductively when you lock eyes with a man. This is a great flirting technique.”

Make use of the magic color. In a study conducted by the University of Rochester it was revealed that men find women who wear red more attractive. They are even more likely to spend more money on a date with such a woman. We can teach you how to be that woman!


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