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About romanticism and orgasm

Let’s talk about how romantic men and women are.
But first let’s define what romanticism is: a unique feeling, some of us feel it deep, some feel it little or they don’t feel it at all, they just ignore it.
Women are very romantic, when they have romanticism they feel satisfied. Romanticism makes them happy, makes them float and makes them live in a dream.
Men are different, they don’t need romanticism, they get straight to the point, to sex, they understand it differently. Without sex their romance is gone. They are not fans of the romanticism but also they don’t reject it when a woman is romantic, only that they need to have sex first in order to be sensitive.    


A romantic love is more than a normal one. It represents a total involving, a true , intensive passion between the partners. Some perfumed candles, a flower when it is not a special ocasion, a romantic walk under the moonlight or a sunrise watch, all of these activate the romantic spirit of a woman, and she gives hersefl totally to the man. If a man would offer her all of these and he will demonstrate that he is at least a little bit romantic, she will give herself to him without any fear that he will only want to profite of her vulnerabillity.
Man wasn’t learned to be romantic, he is not build this way. If a man is romantic, that is because of his mother, she teached him that. Men first think , then they action, and the romance is gone, but the woman is different.
Women are the rulers in this art, they should learn men about this. She is a lot more sensitive, she cries at a romantic movie, she cries at a wedding or baptism, every romantic gestures makes her emotional. Women are satisfied with little when it comes about romance from men: with a simple flower took on the road, if she receives a note in the morning on her pillow or if the man took two glasses and a bottle of wine and they went on the yard to look at the stars.
Don’t force a man to be romantic, because he will become more introvert. Men need to be let free to observe the woman next to them, how she behaves. The woman should be patient.
Men are different when they need to choose the woman for them. They already build an ideal after their mother, after their own spirit or principles.
Some people fear sex from various reasons, they have some problems, phobies connected to virgins, sexul organs, fear of nudity, intimate gestures. We talk about women and men.
It is better to know that some aliments have aphrodisiac effects and they need to be consumed. Everyday schedule, the stress in life, all of these have a bad influence, they exhaust us and the sexual energy is gone.
A romantic meal with aphrodisiac fruits, something chilly, they rise the eros and they are natural stimulents that contribute to the excitability adjustment in the organism.
Women have various types of orgasms, compared to men. Both women and men need to learn to control their sexual muscles and to wake up their sensuality, the answer to the stimulations. The masculine orgasm being accompanied ussually by an explosive ejaculation, it is a shorter orgasm than a woman’s orgasm, it is acknowledged less. Women have this sense a lot more fledged, so they distinguishe a lot more easier the various sensations.
The orgasms are three types: blind, passionate and meditative (without ejaculation).
For women the superficial orgasm it is the exterior one, when the clitoris or the extra vaginal area are stimulated and the pelvic muscles are contracting. This orgasm it is asociated with masturbation an it is impartial and incomplete, because it is not spread all over the body and it doesn’t give a sensation of fully pleasure.
The full orgasm is when the woman is stimulated deep in the vagina, and can happen for her to reach the ecstasy, with temporary breath stopping, rolling eyes, then a deep relaxation feeling. Those areas must be studied profound by the partner, to reach those feelings.
The clitoridian orgasm it is a superficial one, connected with the solar energy Yang, and the women who prefer this kind of orgasm are very selfish and masculine.
The interior vagina orgasm situated in the perineum area it takes place at the entrance in the vagina and it is not a profound orgasm. The profound vagina orgasm it is complex and very pleasant, with a Yang solar energy. Most of the women don’t reach this form of orgasm never. It is accompanied by strong contractions of the vagina and consistent vaginal fluids. The G-spot it is touched in this type of orgasm and can be reached easily when the woman is penetrated from behind. The sensation is like she wants to pee but the fluid is more likely the sperm of the man. They need to be informed about this ,not to feel embarrased and most of the men refuse this because they feel offended.
The cervico-fallopian orgasm it is the most deep and complex orgasm, but rarely seen. When the stimulations are long and deep the contraction tend to transform in long and soft vibrating, that lead to the head area. Women can learn to produce this kind of orgasm by concentration.
The total orgasm gets all the others parts of the body, and the persons who reach this kind of orgasm can experience wonderful feelings.
The manly orgasm starts with some very nice , small sensations, that take place before the sperm rise to the urethra. Sometimes it can start with small orgasms that lead to the ejaculation. The sensations can be felt sometimes after the ejaculation too. The feminine and masculine orgasms rarely happen at the same time, and for that the partners should not concentrate, because it can cancel the orgasm pleasure. The orgasm and the ejaculation it is not the same thing. A man can have an orgasm without ejaculation.
It is best to know about these things in bed, for both women and men.

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