My University colleague

My hurried steps were clear on the floor of the University. It was the first day and I was late. I didn’t even know where it was my classroom, I was dizzy. In my rush I pushed into a young man and all my books fell from my arms. I got on my knees to take them and I saw him helping me. I looked at him to thank him and I saw too kind and splendid eyes watching me:

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Couples in love

I am in a love quadrangle and I’m living the most pleasant sensation, that I didn’t know I would experience in my entire life.
We were in a wonderful vacation for two, a holiday that we were very anxious about. It was an amazing place, where we relaxed and we did everything that we wanted. We are married for a year and everything is beautiful, we discover each other still. In our holiday we met a nice couple, two beautiful , young persons, funny and full of life like us. During the day we were having different activities together, in the evenings we used to take dinner together and we got to know each other easily.

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From business to love

The days seem to pass very hard, I can’t focus anymore on the work that I have to do with my asociate. Me and Robert run a business together, we are friends, we know each other from a very long time and we decided to open together a printing press. We are both good in this domain and we think that it will be a great deal. I am very busy this period: the business and my move away in a new home. I am staying in a rented apartment in this moment and my new apartment will be ready very soon. We stay until is late at printing press and we try our best together to make this business work increasingly better. We’ve started from six months and the result was better than our expectations, we have so many orders that sometimes we harly face them. Robert is calm and diplomatic, I am a little bit choleric and I want everything to be solved quickly. 

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Guilty love

A late, cold, winter night, when I was waiting a message from him, regarding a problem that I was facing with…I havent’t had any idea that, that night was going to be the night when he will admit that he has feelings for me and I was going to tell him that I feel a strong emotion when I talk to him. After months of trying to tell me beneath lines, he asked me to drink a glass of wine together, he invited himself at my house at a hot chocolate, he sent me songs with hidden messages, he asked me for different kind of relationship advice and it finally came the day when we got out, in other circumstances than work.  

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What do we know about men?

It is very interesting that some women pretend to know everything about men, but in fact they know nothing. Same thing for men too. Humans are different, they behave differently, they have their own routines and habits, they are attracted to certain types of people. Men are attracted to strong, beautiful women, but mostly to the inteligent ones. If a man dates a stupid woman, he is like her or he just wants to have sex with her.

Let’s talk about physical aspect…Men don’t give a big importance to it. Of course, there are exceptions, who are very careful about their looks, too much I might add, more than a woman. It’s a good aspect, but they need to have a limit. 

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Period…and start all over again

I was ending a relationship that lasted 10 years…a relationship with a good, beautiful man, but we didn’t get along anymore. I was thinking that it will take a lot of time until I would get close to somebody else. One day, someone wanted to introduce me to a man, but I refused. I don’t like this way of meeting men. I think it has to come itself, to find each other. Yes, I admit, I am not on my twenties anymore, when I was surrounded by a lot of boys, but I can’t say I really want to find a lover right now. I decided to go on a vacation in cold lands, at ski in Austria. I know, it seems crazy to leave by myself, but I need some time alone.  

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Coffee flavoured love

Love can have different flavours…Mine smells like coffee.

I was standing at a coffee shop, all alone, with my own thoughts and dreams, with my solitude and sadness. I was always alone, and that day when I supossed to be with my husband, he called me and said that he was going to delay a few days more. Sometimes I was thinking, I admit it, that when he was away from me, maybe he was spending his time with another woman. He mustn’t miss our anniversary too, he had to do everything possible to come. My head was full of negative thoughts, I was feeling sad and depressed. I was looking at photos with me and him, at his gorgeous face and inocent smile. I was playing agitated with my hair, I was angry. I ordered a coffee and I waited to savour it.

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Love dance

I’ve always wanted to know to dance latino, I was adoring the couples who were dancing at contests, so I’ve decided to take some dancing lessons. In my group of friends there was a couple who was going every week at dancing clubs, so I had somebody to guide me.

My first dancing lesson was on a Tuesday. I visited the gym where I will be learning, I discussed with my trainer about what I had to wear, confortable shoes. He was a young trainer, with curly hair, stuck in a tail, a well-builded body, dressed in a clingy blouse and a pair of pants. He was not my type, but the way he was dancing, it was impossible not to like him. I’ve assisted at a dancing lesson and I couldn’t wait to dance with him too.

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Passion for my lover

-My name is Sarah!


I have just been hired at this company and I was hoping to get along very well with my new colleagues.  The first colleague with whom I made an acquaintance was Robert, a sexy man with dark hair, deep green eyes ,thick-lipped and he was wearing an office outfit. It never happened to me before to meet a man and to feel this strange thrill, to lose myself just being around him. Our offices were next to each other in the same room, and also we had to work together at the same projects. He showed me something of what I had to do, but I could not concentrate, my hands were shaking and my voice too. I wasn’t able to look him in the eyes. I was very excited about my new project, but I was also looking forward to see him again and again, to be in his presence. He had a developed sense of humour, but not exagerrated, that’s why I was feeling so relaxed around him. I think that I was falling for him but I didn’t want to admit it. I was married so I refused to think that I could fall for another. 

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July Desire


It was a hot day of july. 10am and there were already 30 degrees Celsius in the shade. I decided to spend the morning on the beach, so I was lying on the towel in the sun. I hated crowded places so I decided to choose a place that was more private.

As I was Laying on the sand, I see coming toward me a brunette  girl, dressed in some black skinny thighs trousersand a sexy blue blouse, slightly transparent.

-Is this place free?

– Yes, of course, I said!

She was maybe 20 years old, and extremely well done! She had about 1.85 m and about 85 kg! Her feet extremely well made and very nicely contoured already had takken my eyes. With those skinny trousers her fleshy lips were visible, protruding, and already had left my mouth open. Super sexy butt and bulging breasts extremely well formed and her beautiful face, her tanned skin extremely fine and beautiful, she was a real sex bomb!

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