The Dentist

How many of you are afraid of doctors? Are you afraid of a stomatologist too like I am? Raise your hand and welcome to my team. I’ve always been afraid of needles, white robes and I always have hated that smell of pills or medicinal alcohol. I remember fainting once because I saw a needle penetrating my skin and that was gross and I even have now a scar because of that. A thing I never understood is how doctors can handle that ugly smell and ugly patients that come by with their problems and how could they keep themselves healthy when there is an epidemic of something? That’s a mystery I’ll never see it solved.    
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Sea lovers

I often like to take long beach walks near the seashore, inhaling the beautiful essence that the sea emanates and make a bath, but I do that only if the water is warm. Because I hate being all alone, I like spending my time with a few friends of mine, Joshua, Mike an Chriss, who love this kind of activity as much as I do. As a bonus, we gather and have a few drinks such as beer, good quality beer, expensive wine and a few aperitifs, we smoke etc.  Although in this formula we forget who we were, who we are, we stop overthinking and we jump directly to action in a very peaceful but also exciting way. We tend to get influenced by the people around us. We tend to copy their behavior or they start to copy ours.
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A friend in need is a friend indeed

I don’t know about you, but once in a year, at least, I feel like I wanna go somewhere else and explore other lands. I’m not a big fan of the cultures such as the traditions, but I am a big fan of food and that’s a thing I love about different places on the planet.
This year I chose Miami for hard partying an tanning. I just love palm trees, tan, roller skates and the sun. Also the ocean is magnific. I didn’t go alone. As much as I enjoy the time spent with me, myself and I, I really  need friends with me once in a while so I can feel more comfortable and not alone lol. I took Pamela and Roxanne with me, a few ultra sexy swimsuits, the most comfortable heels and sexy outfits, the special summer holiday outfits.  
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More than just sex

It was Saturday when I got this call from a buddy of mine who invited me to the beach. I couldn’t decline his invitation and I put on some shirts, a t-shirt and I jumped into the car, heading to the place he was. He sent me the location on WhatsApp and we met.  As I arrived, I noticed why he picked that place from the first instance. It was full of topless women, from teenagers and college girls to milfs and they were all looking hot. I felt great because late night working at the gym payed the results and I was in the perfect shape to approach any lady I wanted. 
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3rd person affair

I’ve been dating Kristin for 5 years now and everything is fine, though we argue a little and a little more sometimes because of our strong personalities and stubbornness. My family raised me in a small town near Edinburgh, where everybody used to be very religious and young adults were being forced by their families to get married from a fragile age such as 18. I was lucky I got away somehow. I didn’t get married, but I have a long term relationship which is going well, but everything has become predictive. In some cases it’s good ‘cause it’s easy to make some decisions and I can bet she will opt for something I know, but I am a spontaneous person and I kinda got bored.
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Have you ever experienced that moment when you had a crush, the crush had a crush on you, and there, you woke up under the sheets together, but something didn’t work and you both wondered why? Most of us did and it’s possible to happen even now somewhere around the globe, with two people.
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Sunset fuck

“I’ve seen your description on Facebook and you got my attention!”

“How come?”

“Saying you’re a fucking artist. What do you do?”


“Are you a fucking artist or you’re fucking artists?”

“I am who I want to be and I do whatever I want.”

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Nude Art

I applied to a nude art class because I’ve always been curious about human anatomy and arts. I used to love how the shadows and highlights brought out the best in an object or a person. Always had a thing for females.
As you know, female body is way more curvier than a man’s, which means a female has a warm and sexy visual impact on our retina than a man does.
The teacher was a man and the subject was a female. Yeeey for me! So he began talking about the materials we had to use, why we should be careful on the techniques we are using, ‘cause different materials don’t get along together like other materials. Also, the perspective, a very important information that is direct proportional related to lighting, the geometrical shape of the object we were sketching and so on.
I have received so many informations that totally worth my time and money.

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Ich liebe Deutchland!

Ich liebe Deutchland! That’s why I went to Berlin. I love the damn language, so complex and sexy, nice landscapes, interesting people such as hot tall guys with big cocks!
So I went with a few girlfriends of mine to Berlin to visit the town, to get inspired by all the art that it has to offer, all that cool energy.

We went to hunt good energy and good deutsch hard cocks hahaha.     

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Legal Matters for the Escorts in Manchester

As specified some time recently, being paid for sex is not unlawful. Nonetheless, benefitting from another person’s sexual activity is viewed as illicit, and offices can be indicted for this. The correct path for an escort organization to work is to take a commission from the escort in Manchester for every reserving. This is known as a booking expense or organization charge and is paid to the office for its promoting and publicizing administrations. It’s an awful thought to gather the cash specifically from the client, this is the escorts work. By taking the cash and after that paying the escort her cut you may fall foul of the Sexual Offenses Act 2003, where it is an offense to bring about or affect prostitution or control it for individual increase.

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