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Coffee flavoured love

Love can have different flavours…Mine smells like coffee.

I was standing at a coffee shop, all alone, with my own thoughts and dreams, with my solitude and sadness. I was always alone, and that day when I supossed to be with my husband, he called me and said that he was going to delay a few days more. Sometimes I was thinking, I admit it, that when he was away from me, maybe he was spending his time with another woman. He mustn’t miss our anniversary too, he had to do everything possible to come. My head was full of negative thoughts, I was feeling sad and depressed. I was looking at photos with me and him, at his gorgeous face and inocent smile. I was playing agitated with my hair, I was angry. I ordered a coffee and I waited to savour it.


Coffee flavoured love

Suddenly I heard a manly voice who said to me:

– Nothing in this world doesn’t deserve to ruin the day of this wonderful person in front of me! Raise your head, beautiful woman and enjoy this splendid day, with a smile on your face!

I raised my head, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing from a stranger, who took a seat at another table and he smiled at me. I saluted him and I continued to drink my coffee. He ordered a coffee too, then he talked with the waiter, it was clesr that they knew each other, probably he was a regular customer of that place. Without my will I was sometimes looking at him and I was feeling guilty. I must not did that, even though I was sad and vulnerable. After that my husband wrote me, we discussed a few minutes and I couldn’t believe he didn’t know about our anniversary. I ended the conversation and I took another sip from the coffee, and I looked again at him. I peeked and I saw him leaving but I couldn’t see where, and suddenly I saw him next to me, he took my hand and he kissed it and he told me his name.

– I want to come with me for a few hours. I want to show you that you can smile, that you can see this day diffrently.

My heart was beating very fast… I looked at the waiter and he told me it was ok, that he was a trusty person so I calmed down a little bit. He took me to a car then we left to the unknown. I wasn’t sure what was in my mind, why I accepted, I wasn’t capable of saying a word, I was just looking through the window. My heart was racing, I was feeling his breathing, I was sniffing his perfume. He asked me what was my name and I couldn’t answer. It was just like a hypnosis, I wasn’t thinking anymore. He told me how beautiful I am, that he remarked me since he arrived at,  the restaurant, and whatever was causing me that sadness, it wasn’t worth it. I was telling myself that those were the words of any man who wanted to impress a woman, but I was feeling that I wanted to let myself be impressed by him, and I was going to be amazed…Who was that man?

We arrived in front of a big gate, we entered and they closed behind us… What I was seeing there I couldn’t believe… It was like a diffrent world, everything was so green, there were exotic trees, a swimming pool and a very big house. I was a little bit afraid but I tried to hide it. He told me that he didn’t want to harm me, that he was the coffe shop owner and that he was very attracted to me and that he wanted to make love with me. I was very confused… I was thinking about my husband but suddenly he pulled me on the bed, he blindfolded me with a silk scarf and he started to undress me. I was breathing very fast…He began to kiss me all over my body and then he pup his tongue into my wet pussy. He kissed me with passion and I was very nervous, I have neve felt like that before in my life. I wanted him with all my being. He took my hand on his hard, dense penis. I started to play with t, to rub it and lick it, up and down, then I took his balls in my mouth, I was tasting them with desire. He was pulling my hair and I couldn’t see nothing because I was blindfolded, but the pleasure was better that way, everything was much more intensified. He was breathing very fast and he was groaning of pleasure. I wanted him so bad inside me! It was like he was reading my mind because in the next second he threw me on the bed again, then he grbbed my legs and he penetrated me deeply, that I was feeling his penis in my abdomen. He started with slowly moves, in -and- out, then with faster moves, pulling my hair and grabing my ass. We were like two wild people, it was like we didn’t have sex in a while. Truth being told, I didn’t have sex with my husband lately, but rough sex like that never. My nipples were crazy, I was sweaty and horny…After a short time he told me to open my mouth, he put his penis there and he came in my mouth…I was feeling the sweet taste of pleasure, a lot of pleasure! We layed down a few minutes, exhausted…I removed the scarf and we were looking at each other, naked and satisfied. He carresed my face and the he took my hand and we swimmed naked in the pool, then he gave me a bathtub and asked me if I could stay with him more, to have lunch together then he will drive me where I want and we can forget everything. We ate an amazing food, I haven’t been so hungry in my life. We didn’t speak, I didn’t want to say or hear something. I was released of everything bad inside me, of all the sadness and I wanted to look at the face who helped me and who made me happy.

After lunch, he told me that I shoul go home in case anyone will miss me. I wanted to tell him that it was nobody to miss me, but I didn’t want him to know. I thank him for everything and I went to dress. I layed out my messy haird and i went outside in the garden where he was waiting for me with a hot, fragrant coffee. I wanted to savour together that last coffee, because it was for sure the last time when I do something like that, although it felt so good.

– I don’t want you to have a bad impression about me!

– I don’t want you to think about that. I don’t believe nothing like this, we don’t know each other and it will stay like this! You are a beautiful woman and I’d wish you to be happy!

We went to his car and he drove me home. We didn’t talk, he drove slowly as if we didn’t want to end our road together. I asked him to leave me a little bit far from my home, I wanted to walk, to take some air. Before I got out from the car he touched my hand and we look at each other, eye to eye, then I stepped outside without looking back. I didn’t hear the car leaving, probably he looked at me until I was gone.

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