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From business to love

The days seem to pass very hard, I can’t focus anymore on the work that I have to do with my asociate. Me and Robert run a business together, we are friends, we know each other from a very long time and we decided to open together a printing press. We are both good in this domain and we think that it will be a great deal. I am very busy this period: the business and my move away in a new home. I am staying in a rented apartment in this moment and my new apartment will be ready very soon. We stay until is late at printing press and we try our best together to make this business work increasingly better. We’ve started from six months and the result was better than our expectations, we have so many orders that sometimes we harly face them. Robert is calm and diplomatic, I am a little bit choleric and I want everything to be solved quickly.  We complete each other.
It’s one of the evenings when we stick up late. It’s raining, soon will come the fall. I didn’t eat nothing but a croissant and a coffee today. Rober tells me to order some food so we can work. I accept and meanwhile we are analyzing the sales statistics. We ate the food and we savoured a beer.
– You should work less this period! At some point you will no longer face with everything that you have to do, you need to take care of you! I can help with your moving out, if you agree!                                                                                                           source: www.wattpad.comfrom-business-to-love
– Thank you, Robert! I really need your help!
I could always rely on this man, even before we had this business together, that’s why I wanted to do this with him. We finished our work and we left together to the parking lot to go home. He gave me a goodbye kiss and he stared for some second into my eyes. It passed me a thrill, I can’t explain the feeling. I asked him if something happened and he told me that I am a beautiful, strong woman.

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– Thank you very much, I already knew that! I know, I am a modest woman!
We both started to laugh and we left home. I poured some wine and I looked through the window at the continuous rain. I was hoping that the next day wil stop because I had to get my stuff, it was the last day in that apartment. I had beautiful memories here, but I want my own big home. From the next day I was going to have a new life with my dog pet, just the both of us. I had no man in my life, I didn’t have the time for that. Robert has always told me to have someone to share the happiness in life. He was right, but with whom? I started to pack my things, I began with my clothes, after that with the kitchen things, I put them in boxes, I tagged them, I packed them carefully not to break something fragile. I was going to continue the next day. I took a shower and I got into bed . I left my window open to hear the rain. I felt asleep with my mind on Robert’s reaction when he looked into my eyes and I couldn’t understand what happened.
The next day I woke up because he called me to ask at what time he will help me with my stuff. I got out from bed and I couldn’t believe what was the time, it was 11, I slept a lot. I looked outside and it was sunny. I told him to come in an hour. Until then I had the time to take a shower, drink a coffee and pack the rest of my things. That day was a big day, I was moving into my new home. Robert arrived with some doughnouts to help us to handle with the heavy lifting. He was dressed sportly, I haven’t seen him from a long time like that, he always wears a suit at work. We carried everything at a car and we left to the apartment. I was nervous. We arrived and we took with us some boxes that we could carry. The apartment was in a building with ten levels and I was going to live at the fourth floor. When we arrived in front of the door he tol me:
– I have to take you in my arms to pass the treshold into your new house!
And before I could say anything, he took me up in his arms and we entered in the apartment. I didn’t know what to say. He was starting , suddenly, to make some gestures that I couldn’t understand. I thanked him , I was a little bit embarrassed and I started to be happy like a child, I was adoring the house, the beautiful colours that I chose, every part of it was decorated and chose by me, after my taste. I forgot about the boxes but Robert got them inside,he let me be happy for everything around. I jumped on my imense bed from my bedroom and I was giggling like a kid.
– Come in to see, Robert! This is the bed where I will do naughty stuff in my new life. I hope to find the proper person!
I smiled her and I was looking at her with love, yes I felt in love with her, with the crazy girl that I knew from college, with the woman that I have a business with, with the kid that is in her sometimes.
We got everything in the apartement and we started to unpack, without the clothes, she will arrange them. We ordered some food, we savoured a champagne to celebrate and we got dizzy. We began to tell funny stories from the college time and we laughed like two crazy persons. We got up to take the rest of the food and I helped her to arrange some vessel that he cleaned. Then I dared to kiss her. And she responded, we continued , we couldn’t stop and when we stopped we looked at each other socked. He told me that she was in love with me from some time, and she didn’t know how to tell me, not to ruin the business relationship.
I have never thought on Robert , but know after his kiss all I was thinking about was his lips. I took his hand and I put it on my heart that was racing, I looked him in his big green eyes and in the next second our clothes were off. I hadn’t have sex in month, nothing mattered anymore. I wanted him badly, I didn’t want prelude, we got directly to the facts, a wild sex, with bites and quick moves, spanking etc. I didn’t imagine that Robert was that kind of man. We made crazy sex, for the neighbours to know that someone moved in. We stopped after we were exhausted and we watched each other, still surprised about what we did. I want him everytime inside me, I think that I have never felt like this with a man. We took a shower togheter and we complimented each other about our naked bodies. He told me that he loves me and that he couldn’t live without me.
Great day, isnt’ it? New house, new boyfriend, old friend, asociate and I was feeling happy and satisfied.

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