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Guilty love

A late, cold, winter night, when I was waiting a message from him, regarding a problem that I was facing with…I havent’t had any idea that, that night was going to be the night when he will admit that he has feelings for me and I was going to tell him that I feel a strong emotion when I talk to him. After months of trying to tell me beneath lines, he asked me to drink a glass of wine together, he invited himself at my house at a hot chocolate, he sent me songs with hidden messages, he asked me for different kind of relationship advice and it finally came the day when we got out, in other circumstances than work.   source: ottmag.comguilty-love

I was enjoying very much talking with him, he was kind and he helped me when I was in need. I felt a thrill when I first saw him, I was lost when I tried to explain him what I had to do with my bussinness. It never happened to me like that, to feel these kind of things at first sight with a man. I have never asked myself why he was involving so much, why he was so careful with me. At some point I told him that something was going on, I felt that he was trying something with me, but he denied it and told me that this was his style, he is a funny guy.

So, in that cold night, he told me that he wants to see me the next day. I didn’t know if it was ok to see him but I said yes. I wanted that. My heart was racing when I thought that I will be next to him, I was emotional just by reading his messages.He realized that I liked him too, and he told me. I didn’t want to admit that, but it wasn’t necessary, because it was obvious.

I couldn’t sleep that night, we talked until a late hour, by writing each other, and I was toching my hot body, thinking about him. Only if he knew that…!

The next day I was impacient, I was waiting for the evening to see him. I walked on the beach, it was empty and foggy, but I felt the need of going out. Finnally the evening was there and we met half-road at a gas station. I was wondering what were we doing there? Was he going to fuel the car? He told me to follow him, he took me on a lonely road, where I was afraid, although I knew him, but I didn’t understand why we had to go so far, to a secluded place. At some moment I saw a lake and a lighthouse, a beautiful spot, where the moon was mirroring itself in the lake’s clean water. We parked our cars and he said to come in his car.I was trembling of emotion. We said hello and we started to talk about different things, he was funny and he was talking very much, probably because he was nervous. He wanted to touch my hand but I didn’t let him, I retired it slowly. We were looking at the shining moon, we seemed to be two romantic persons who came to love each other under the moonlight. I wanted him, but I didn’t let anything happen. After a while I told him that I had to go.Then he wanted to kiss me but I refused him, not because I didn’t want that, but I wanted to be hard to get, not on the first date. Certainly it wasn’t very pleasant for him , and for me neither. I was all wet. I left and I went to my car and I followed him to leave that place. That evening I was so happy because I felt I was a desirable woman. It is a very sweet sensation to feel the goosebumps of the first dates. The following days were very pleasant, we talked a lot and a short time has passed since he told me that he wishes to see me again, this time at his home. I refused the invitation, I didn’t think that it was appropriate to go at his house, although I wanted to see him and to talk with him again. He insisted some time, then I gave up and I accepted. It was Easter night, and next to his house was a church and the church service began. I was near it and he came to me and we went together at his house. When he opened the door I was amazed: it was full of candles and a bottle of wine with two glasses. Nothing was going to happen because I promised myself from home, not even a kiss. I just wanted to talk with him and that was all. I took two sips of wine, because I didn’t want to refuse him. I wasn’t going to get dizzy, probably that was his idea, to fall in his arms. But I didn’t need the wine to get drunk…He had such a power on me, everything that I was planning in my head was gone. We were kissing madly, then we stopped and we looked at each other and after that we continued, then he put me on the bed. I couldn’t control myself, I tried but the desire was above me. The church service was on and we, two sinners , we were loving each other with passion. I was vibrating, I was hot and wet. He took off my pants and he started to lick my pussy through my wet panties. Nobody has ever done that to me, it was a strong sensation. I was mouning of pleasure, I was pulling his hair and pushing his head to stay down there, then he removed my panties and he continued with his tongue, fingers, in and out until I touched his hard penis and I took off his pants quickly. He took my nipples in his mouth, he played with them and he was rotating his tongue, surrounding hem. I was flexing my back because I was horny and excited, and his penis was strong and full of desire. In a few moments a felt his penis next to my pussy and he slowly put it inside me and he moved in a way that I was going crazy. I was screaming , I put my nails in his soft skin and I was looking for his mouth to kiss him. He asked me if I was enjoying but I couldn’t answer, but I think that it was obvious. Everything happened like a dream, it was something new for me.I left his house dizzy and I was thinking how defective I was because I had sex in that important night.

When I arrived home I felt like I was floating , I made love with the man with whom I fell in love deeply. We talked on the phone, he asked me if I was ok. I was feeling great, I wanted to be again in his arms. It happened again, at the lake spot, we made love like two crazy people in the car. We were watching the moon through the steamy windows of our car, then we got out naked, hugging and cuddling under the moonlight.

I was loving the way he was loving me, the sex was perfect, I wanted his body and soul. I wanted to sleep with him every day, to kiss him in his sleep, to wake him up and to make love again and again.

I found my other half, he was the man with green eyes and curved eyelashes, with brown hair and athletic body, tall and careful, loving and kind, who was making me the most happy woman in the world.

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