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In love with a stranger

I woke up between the messy sheets, I was feeling numb and tired after a night of sex. I was feeling lazy on that rainy day. The rain was hearing on the roof, as I was standing in my room in the attic. From the bathroom I was hearing a voice singing some romantic song, it was singing very bad, but funny though. I thought I was alone , that he left without saying goodbye. I was smiling. I stayed for a moment then I went barefoot to the room from the voice was hearing. I opened the door, very shy, and I saw him with his naked and wet body and his sexy, wet hair. I was covered in a sheet , not to appear naked in front of him, although he would’ve liked that.
Her hair was falling on her back,
Like a churning river,
After a wild sex night
And sweet carresings between the sheets.


He kissed me with passion and I tasted the water that was falling on his face. He kissed me on the neck and he told me how much he wants me. He took off the sheet from me and he started to wash me like I was a baby. First he washed my hair, very careful not to put the shampoo in my eyes, then he washed every part of my body with shower gel, then he carresed my soft, clean skin. I was feeling his strong hands touching my body and my breasts, and he licked my nipples with such a passion. Our bodies danced while they were making love one to another, we were drowned in that amazing feeling. I took his strong penis and I began to rub it with my soft hands. The head of his penis was so soft, so I couldn’t resist not to lick it. I was looking him in the eyes and my tongue was licking his penis with timidity. I saw how he was moaning with pleasure. My pussy was so wet and it was craving for the penis. I dared and I took his penis to my pussy, I was pushing it slowly to wet it then I pulled it inside me with desire. He was standing on the closet, interested on my moves. I was standing on him, with my face towards him, sometimes I was on my toes , then I was coming back, and I was feeling his penis deep inside me. After a few movements in-out I pointed the penis to my ass, trying to introduce it in that thight spot. I was feeling that he was going to cum soon. He was approaching the climax, my moves made him go mad, in a good way. I had a few tries to introduce the penis, I was feeling a little bit of pain but I didn’t stop. After a while my body relaxed and everything was so pleasant, his penis entered so deep in that thight spot. A few times he stopped me, a sign that he was going to cum, he didn’t want to do that so soon , he wanted to prolong the pleasure. After another moves I felt something hot in my ass. I got up easy and looked him in the eyes. He was propped and he was trying to recover. I kissed him and hugged him , then I went in the shower. He followed me and he was repeating the fact that he was feeling so good with me, that he never felt this way with a woman. We felt asleep by holding hands, exhausted, listening to the rain. When we woke up it was almost dark. He told me that he had to go and he left me his phone number, to see each other.
I met him in a night club, while I was having fun with my girls. It passed a long time since I was with a man, the alcohol took my mind and that was how that man got in my bed. I am not used to do this but I was needy and very attracted to this man. Definetely he won’t call me again but I wasn’t worried.

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Days passed and life followed its normal current, until one evening while I was standing in bed with the remote control in my hand and I was searching something on TV, my phone rang. It was him, the stranger that I forgot to ask for his name. He told me that he couldn’t stop thinking about me, but he didn’t know if it was ok to call me, maybe I was having a relationship. I was happy to hear his voice, I missed him too. He invited me to dinner. I said yes, I wanted to see him and find more about him. We went out to a very elegant restaurant and we ate some delicious food and we drank one of the best red wines ever. I was never a drinker but sometimes I like to enjoy a glass of wine or champagne, when I am at a party, at a restaurant or after a work day.
The evening ended at my place, I asked him to spend the night and he accepted. We got in the elevator and we started to kiss. He took up my dress and he put his hands between my legs, then he put on his knees and removed my underwear, tasting my wet pussy with his soft tongue. I supported on the wall and I got up my leg, supporting with my hands, full of desire. We arrived at my floor, I put my underwear back and we got out so messy, entering the apartment while we were kissing madly. We started to undress one another, throwing our clothes, unpatiently, hungry for each other. He put me on the soft bed and I kissed his hot body, I massaged his shoulders and his hunkers. He was trembling at my touch then he continued what he started in the elevator, his tongue penetrated my pussy, he was biting me slowly, I was horny and I was reaching the climax. I cummed and he licked everything, I couldn’t control more, he was making me feel dizzy and so nice. Then he got inside me with his penis and I was moving very fast. We had both an amazing orgasm, we were sweaty and satisfied. He took me in his arms to feel my skin on his. He asked me if he can spend the night with me and I said yes. I was feeling great with him. The next day was Sunday and we were both free. We carressed and we cuddled in bed all night. We had breakfast in bed, we watched some movies and we made love a lot of times. I was so tired but I couldn’t resist him. His body was attracting me so bad and his perfume was giving me an enormous desire to taste his skin and his whole body. When I was feeling his fingers through my hair I was feeling a lot of goosebumps. I would like to have a lot more days like that, to be with him and spend the time together. We fell asleep at noon after a long day of loving each other. I woke up in the night and he was having his hand around my waist, he was keeping me close to him. I felt desired and safe. I took his hand easily and kissed it. I kissed it once, twice and so on, I couldn’t stop to taste his skin.
The stranger who was just an affair became the man which I wanted by my side all the time.

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