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July Desire


It was a hot day of july. 10am and there were already 30 degrees Celsius in the shade. I decided to spend the morning on the beach, so I was lying on the towel in the sun. I hated crowded places so I decided to choose a place that was more private.

As I was Laying on the sand, I see coming toward me a brunette  girl, dressed in some black skinny thighs trousersand a sexy blue blouse, slightly transparent.

-Is this place free?

– Yes, of course, I said!

She was maybe 20 years old, and extremely well done! She had about 1.85 m and about 85 kg! Her feet extremely well made and very nicely contoured already had takken my eyes. With those skinny trousers her fleshy lips were visible, protruding, and already had left my mouth open. Super sexy butt and bulging breasts extremely well formed and her beautiful face, her tanned skin extremely fine and beautiful, she was a real sex bomb!

She took out from the bag a white towel, which stretched about 2 meters from my towel, then rolled her shirt off, remaining in a black bra that barely was able to cover half of her full breasts and in a tiny black bikini. I looked at her body while I was thinking , “Lord how beautiful it is.”



– My name is Ramona, she said..

– Robert, I answered mechanically.

Do you mind if I ask you something?

– No beautiful, I said!

– Robert, look, anoint my back  with some cream!

– With great pleasure Ramona!

The girl sat on the bottom sheet, and I knelt behind her. I poured some solution in my hands and started to stretch on her back.

– Thanks Robert for your help, she said, when I finished.

– Don’t you want me to continue if I still have my hands full of fluid? I asked her.

– You want this ?She ask in return, while she throw me a seductive smile in the corner of her mouth! – It would be my pleasure Ramona, I replied, smiling.

– Then get to work ‘she said. I anointed rand each arm, and chest, tummy, then I knelt beside her and started to do the same thing with her thighs full. Although my experience with girls was extremely large, I felt a slight unease inside me and my hands began to tremble slightly as I was touching her legs. I finished then, Ramona thanked me warmly and I left to wash my hands.

When I returned Ramona was sitting in the sand, with two icecream in her hands, licking one of them!

– Robert, she said, because you were so cute, I thought of rewarding you with an ice cream and stretched her hand to give it to me.

– Ramona Thank you very much, I told myself leaning in to take her hand. I do not know how it did, at that point a piece of ice broke free and fell just above her bikini. From a reflex, I approached her panties and licked the icecream.

– What are you doing ,she asked me laughing?

I was wondering, while I could feel the blood inside me like a hot volcano,  shouldI go on­?

– Ramona, I said, I wantto make a confession, I hope you won’t misunderstand me! Ramona we know each other for just about fifteen minutes, but ever since I saw you coming to the beach, you’ve captured my full attention. You are a very beautiful girl … your skin is so smooth and velvety …

– So what? What’s up with that ?asked the girl.

– Yourfeet are so beautiful  … I would like very much to caress and kiss them! – I know a very private place, 5 minutes  fromhere, where there’s nobody and we can do anything!

We left the beach and we went in the place in question!

– Yes you are right, Ramona said, no living soul here! Good Sir Robert, I see now why you brought me up here in this desert place!

My heart was beating strongly already, and I think adrenaline maximized. We stretched the towel and sheet next to each other, Ramona took off her bra and was lying down face up, leaning on elbows. I knelt at her feet for the second time that day! I took his hands slightly in each foot and I came down with a soft towel and fine sand on the soles and toes!

– What are you doing, you are immediately put in place, she asked not be making known what I wanted to do. I approached my lips to her feet and started to kiss them, tender and endearing, everywhere. – Um, Ramona smile, you like to see me kiss your feet. I continued with kisses until I covered the entire portion of her feet delicately. Then I started walking my tongue on them. From heels to toes and vice versa. Draw tongue random routes to the delight of Ramona. I realized that she likes what she feels. Then I got lips thumb of her right leg. I covered between her lips across and started to suck them. Louder and louder.

– Ah this excites me, Ramonagroaned! So I continued with each of her finger. Ramona was looking at me slightly excited and pleasantly surprised while I sucked her fingers. Sunscreen already come into her smooth skin, so my lips then began to climb slightly on her fine ankles, the shanks arched on knees, legs and came in right femininity them now hidden just a piece black cotton . I kissed her all around the panties, belly, the pelvis, I licked the navel easily making her moan sharp and kissed her everywhere already feeling into my nostrils the breath of her sexual perfume.

– You have my permission to continue Ramona said, urging me to discover her treasure. Ever since you made the icecream gesture, I felt the same desire. I thought in that moment should I slap you or accept your game? So go ahead and make your thing as you know best. I want you to make me cum here on the sand!

– I will do everything you desire beautiful, I said, and I took her panties off easy.

Ramona’s pussy lips were showered one side and another of her lovely sex. They were so voluptuous and very prominent, perhaps the biggest I had licked before. I started kissing passionately every part around the girl’s pussy. I was walking her large labia easy language, both outside and inside. Ramona groaning increased louder, visibly excited. I felt begins to grow increasingly more. 2-3 minutes in length was the maximum size. I’ve included it between her lips and began to suck him. Ramona screamed. I was afraid someone could hear us, but I didn’t cared. Ramona thighs were coiled around my neck like a vise. Ah but what sweet vise. I stroked her buttocks with ardor, thighs, tummy, as she engulfed my head with both hands and I held him tight against her sex! She had tremendous power! I was trapped in her pussy mouth now! I love it! – Ahhhh … so … that’s so good… do not stop … ahhhh .yeah.I sucked one labia, then both at once while my tongue jerky moves between them. Ah it was so sweet, moist and soft inside, that I could stick my entire head in her pussy. Tip of the tongue touches the bottom of the vagina, and she sinks hernails into my shoulders. A tongue licked the back, where the skin is extremely fine, and she rhythmically moves the pelvis toward my mouth with uncontrolled spasms of pleasure and excitement. Orgasm came devastating and liberating. Nectar invaded my mouth and thirst that I felt made me swallow everything in seconds. Her pussy fluid seeped hot and delicious in my neck until my stomach. Oh how wonderful! Ramona body is expanded little by little, while I did her pussy toilet, leaving it impeccably clean! – Ah you’ve finished, ‘said Ramona. I never thought anyone can lick so well!

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