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Love dance

I’ve always wanted to know to dance latino, I was adoring the couples who were dancing at contests, so I’ve decided to take some dancing lessons. In my group of friends there was a couple who was going every week at dancing clubs, so I had somebody to guide me.

My first dancing lesson was on a Tuesday. I visited the gym where I will be learning, I discussed with my trainer about what I had to wear, confortable shoes. He was a young trainer, with curly hair, stuck in a tail, a well-builded body, dressed in a clingy blouse and a pair of pants. He was not my type, but the way he was dancing, it was impossible not to like him. I’ve assisted at a dancing lesson and I couldn’t wait to dance with him too.

Love dance

I went shopping to look for dancing outfits. The first day was exactly the way that I was expected, I did a great job, but I’ve also got lost in his arms, I was drowning in his eyes, and I was excited for everything that he was teaching me. He was so sensual, and I was pretty sure that I willl fall in love with him.                                                                                                                                                                  source:

When I arrived home, I took a shower and I invited my best friend, Carla, to share my experience with her. I had no sleep, I wanted to keep listening to latino music and imagining him. I was going to practice twice a week, and after a month it will be an event where the entire dance troupe will be attending, including me.

It was a new course day, but he wasn’t available to train me because he was gone to a contest. He called me and asked if I can come later to the gym, after he is done with the contest. I was happy that we were going to be alone, I wanted that vey much. We met and he was looking so fresh, as if he didn’t had a full day.

– This evening I will teach you a sensual dance!

He was looking at me differently than the usual. I couldn’t think if he had a girlfriend, or if he did train other girls in the same way. He started the music and he took my waist in his arms in a very passionate way, as if he wouldn’t want to leave me again…I couldn’t believe what was happening, I didn’t have the time to react, but I didn’t want that either…I was feeling a powerful attracion. After he kissed me, he began to dance with me without saying nothing. He grabbed my foot and he lifted it to his waist, sppining me gently. My dress was given away, uncovering my leg, he carresed it slowly and he pulled me to his chest, then he throwed me back, teaching me the dancing steps. After that he told me that he was very attracted to me and that he wanted me badly in his bed. Because he wasn’t my type, I’ve never thought that I would want him too. His rebel personality, his beautiful body, the way he was moving and the way he was touching me, made me to want him too. I didn’t know that above the gym he had an apartment. We got up there, it was a fancy apartment, very stylish, probably settled by a woman’s hand. I didn’t dare to ask him if he was single, although I wanted to know something about his private , love life, because I was used with this kins of conversation before I was involved with a man, but I let myself go with the wind. He took me in his arms, he touched my breasts, then he lifted my leg the same way and he put two fingers in my already wet pussy. The room was full of mirrors, like in the gym. I liked that I could see what’s happening, it was exciting, because I’ve never made love in such a way. I could not resist more so I got on my knees and I started to undress him, I was very curious to see him naked. I wanted to feel him deep inside me, to free myself from that urge. We both looked at each other, admiring our naked bodies, and jumped on the messy bed. We made love and he called me a cab to go home. I was thinking about how will it be to see him at the next dancing lessons, but I was about to find out.

The next lesson was a little bit embarrasing, I didn’t know what to do, I was aviding his look, but when I danced with him I felt that my heart was ripping off my chest, I was shaking and I couldn’t focus. He whispered me to behave normal, but the sensual dancing was making me feel otherwise. At the end of the dance he kissed my hand and he told me that he will expect me for dinner at his apartment. I wore a pair of jeans and a T-shirt, I took a bottle of rose wine, I was hoping that he was going to enjoy the drink. I was amazed to see that he cooked by himself, he asked me to pour some wine and to wait for him to take a shower because he has just finished to cook. While he was gone, I’ve studied the room and I didn’t see nothing that would prove if he had a woman in his life. I saw medals and photos at different contests, photos with beautiful women. He returned from the shower and he was smelling very good, already sport dressed . We took a seat at the table, I’ve already drank a glass of wine, I was dizzy. He cooked pasta with white souce, they were very delicious.  We had dinner and we discussed about the event that was going to happen and he told me that he wants to participate with me. I felt very good to hear that. I didn’t know if I was able to dance at the proper level, but he assured me that I will be prepared until then, because he wanted to move in with him for the next period to have the necessarry time to learn. I was surprised and everything was happening too fast, like a dream. I told him that I have to think about it, but he took my glass from my hand and he told me that he was deeply in love with me, and that he knew that it it mutual and we were going to be very happy together. We started to dance barefoot, on the white floor, with sensual moves, that made us kissing with desire and we began to undress each other but we stopped. I didn’t know what happened, but he asked me to follow him in the garden that was behind the building. There was a swimming pool and we made love like to crazy persons, in a way that I’ve never done before.

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