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I love Hong Kong

Hong Kong, a place where love borned. I met him at the other end of the world, but we came from the same country. The holiday united us and made us live the most beautiful love story. In the wonderful vacation with my friends in a place where we wanted so badly to go, at the hotel where we stayed were romanian people too. We liked each other from the first time. I got off the bus and I was carrying the big luggage, I must have been very funny like any other woman who goes in a holiday: she wants to look good and sexy , even though she struggles with a huge luggage. He offered to help me and I said yes. Alexandra winked at me, a sign that she liked the guy.


– Since I help you let’s make acquaintance! I am David! I assume that we will see each other often as we stay here,

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I introduced myself and I realized that we were going to stay as long as he was going to stay too. I enjoyed the fact that I heard my language in other group too. He left me in front of my room and I was staying by the luggage and looking at him and sighing. He had such a sexy ass and the way he was walking was making you want to go side by side with him. I was thinking that he was a good catch for a holiday, and Alexandra pushed me slowly, she realized that I was gone with my mind.

– He is a great catch, isn’t he? I see that you can’t take your eyes off him! He is a very sexy man but don’t labour under a delusion!

We got in the room to make us comfortable, everything was amazing, it was a huge apartment, modern, with a master bedroom and a fantastic bed, the living room was stunning, the bathroom was seducing you to sleep in it, and the view was so beautiful, the whole town could be seen from there, from an impressive terrace. I let go of the luggage and I jumped on the cosy bed, happy about all of it. I was already thinking about the great time that we were going to spend there. The rest of the group was at its room, and we were going to meet at the reception to go for a walk, but I wanted to go and see their rooms too. Ours seemed the most beautiful one. When I got down in the lobby I saw him, he smiled at me and he returned to the ones that were at his side. We left in the city to see the most important attractions, to enjoy those beauties. My thoughts were with him, I wanted to meet him. In the evening when we returned I found him in the lobby, he was dressed very elegant and he was watching me. I thought that I wouldn’t arrive in one piece to the elevator. I got in the elevator and I took a deep breath then I got into the wonderful apartment, I took a shower and I bent on the sofa, talking with Alexandra. I talked without stopping about him and how nice it would have been to be with him during the holiday. As I was staying and dreaming with open eyes, someone knocked at the door. It was a butler who brought me a note: “ It will make me a great pleasure if you will accept to take a walk with me, in a half an hour. I will be in the lobby of you accept! David”

My heart was racing, I smiled and I jumped with joy. Even though I was so tired after my flight, after the walk in the town, I was looking forward to see him and meet him, to find out more about him because he was an interesting man, very good looking, just as I wanted. I ran to the luggage to find something to wear. I didn’t have nothing elegant, but since he invited me for a walk I didn’t think it could be a problem and the next day I was going to buy something to wear. I got down with the elevator and when I got off it I saw him standing at the bar in the lobby. He didn’t see me, I went at him and I saluted him. He turned at me and he smiled so beautifully and he invited me to have a drink before we go. I sat down next to him and I ordered a Martini, to be a little dizzy, to cope with the date after a long, exhausting date, with a lot of action. He was looking at me and studying me. I was a little uncomfortable, I was like a doll in a glass case, but I wasn’t disliking that. It was a mixture of feeling , I was attracted to him a lot. He was a sophisticated man, styled and polite, despite of the young age. At some point he made a joke and I laughed, he touched my cheek and my lips and said:
– You have an amazing laugh, beautiful lips and perfect body! I liked you from the moment that I saw you, something assured me that I have to talk to you. I didn’t come in this vacation to find somebody, but it happened. I wish to spend some time with you, if you agree, to know you better.

– I would like that too, I admit that I was attracted to you too.

I was starting to talk too much, due to the alcohol. I left with him, holding his arm, we went to the centre of the town. We admired the stunning lights that were everywhere in that city, we talked about us, about our jobs, we tried to know each other a little bit more. I was having the feeling that I knew him from a long time, I was walking by his side and he was stopping from time to time to look at me. The walk was very pleasant and constructive. We got back to the hotel after some time and he accompanied me to the my room. When I wanted to say goodbye he wanted to kiss me. I felt that my knees were melting, I answered his kiss and I tasted his special lips. He was such a great kisser, it was a long kiss, for some minutes. We stopped and he told me good night. I entered the apartment closing the door and starring at the window, I was emotional. Alexandra was already sleeping and I fell asleep quickly, with my heart full of happiness. The next day we saw each other but he didn’t call me. I spent the day with my friends, we went to a trip by the bus. It was a wonderful day, I visited some places that I couldn’t imagine that I was going to see them in my life. In the evening we went out in a night club, we drank and we danced, we had a very funny night.

The next day he called me in the morning and he invited me to have a coffee together, then we were going to leave, both our groups, in the same trip. I sat next to him in the bus and I fell asleep and he took my hand in his hand. He took slowly my head and put it on his shoulder. I woke up and smiled and I kissed him on the cheek, thanking him.

When we returned in the evening he invited me to see the room where he was staying alone, we saw again the souvenirs that we bought from the trip. He asked me to come closer and he kissed me then he started to undress me slowly. It didn’t seem to me proper to happen that so soon, but something was holding me to refuse, I liked that and I couldn’t say no, I let myself loved and desired, I let him kiss me all over my body and I made love with him like with no other man. I always loved to control the situation in bed, probably because I didn’t find the best partner, until then. He was leading the action, he was so damned good at it.

So I found the love in the opposite side of the world. His kiss on my hand, on my shoulder, on my breasts, all of those things made me want him. Love found me eating chinese food, at the table with a beautiful man. I had no idea that I was going to find him there.

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