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My University colleague

My hurried steps were clear on the floor of the University. It was the first day and I was late. I didn’t even know where it was my classroom, I was dizzy. In my rush I pushed into a young man and all my books fell from my arms. I got on my knees to take them and I saw him helping me. I looked at him to thank him and I saw too kind and splendid eyes watching me:


– Where are you heading to?
– I don’t really know! and I smiled embarrassed.
We had both the same course, so we found the classroom without panic. I thanked him and each of us found a seat. After I arranged all the books on the table, I breathed relaxed and I was looking for him in the full classroom. He was far from me, but I saw him. He wasn’t looking at me, probably he wasn’t interested in me. I admit that I was a little bit attracted to him. I was sniffing his perfume when he was next to me.
It was a warm october day, a lovely sun that was carressing everything around, the grass was still green in the campus area, there were big trees where you could stay under their shade to study, to eat something or have a coffee with your friends. I layed on the soft grass to feel the fresh air and to watch the clear sky. I closed my eyes to hear the birds singing and the laughter of the students. I was dreaming about the beautiful summer days, about the wonderful holiday that I had and about my job with to wonderful colleagues. Suddenly I heard someone:
– Good afternoon! If I don’t bother you, may I seat next to you? In our rush we hadn’t have the chance to introduce ourselves… I am Albert! And you are?
I opened my eyes and I saw him, the young man who helped me. I was very surprised.
– I am Corina, nice to meet you! It is a beautiful day and I relax myself in the nature.
– Would you like to spend your time with me untill the next course? I would like your company.
– Of course!

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– I will be gone for few minutes, I will bring some food and coffee.
After a short time he came back with chinese food, doughnuts and coffee, a great lunch.
– Thank you for making this day beautiful for me! I was really feeling alone, I didn’t have the chance to make some friends here, everybody is busy after courses.
We spent almost two hours together untill the next course, we enjoyed the delicious food, we had fun eating with the chopsticks, we ate the sweet dessert and drank the hot, relaxing coffee. A great lunch with a funny guy. I found out that he was from another town and he was living with rent in the middle of my town and in the summer holiday he worked as a touristic guide for the foreign trips. He told me about his experiences there, about the wonderful places that he visited, he described me a lovely place from Milano, where he wanted to go in a vacation. I like his comany and his lifestyle. He had a special charm when he was sharing stories with me, he was combining the funny with the serious discussion, he was very charismatic. I was amazed that I remained in his mind after that day. He was an independent man, a tall one, not the type with muscles that goes at the gym all the time, but he was well builded, from what I was seeing through clothes. His eyes were deep and the way he was looking at me was driving me crazy. The time passed quickly and we had to go at the course. There we took a seat next to each other, but I tried to think that he wasn’t next to me, I was focusing on the course. I didn’t know if I was falling in love with him, but I was very attracted to him and I enjoyed his company a lot. The following days he missed the courses, I didn’t know why and I didn’t have his number either. The next week I felt that someone grabbed my hand and he saluted me. I recognized his lovely voice. He missed the coursed because he had to go into his native town, to handle some papers. I told him that I missed him and he smiled. After coursed he asked me to go in town and eat. We went to a very cute restaurant, not very good dressed, but I had a great time with him. I ordered a steak with vegetables and a water with lemon. He told me about the place where his parents live, a wonderful spot with a big garden, where he wanted to invite me if was going to accept. I was excited and I said yes. After we ate, we took a walk , we made some shoppings and I hold his arm. He was carressing my hand while I was holding his arms. I felt protected with him. He accompanied me home and nothing happened. When I entered the house he texted me:
– I think about you!
I smiled and I wanted to write him the same. I believed that we were liking each other, it was a mutual feeling. I didn’t answer though. The next day we saw at the course, I sat on a different part of the classroom and he was watching me sometimes. After the course he invited me to go to a movie in the evening. I accepted his invitation but I saw him a little bit changed. I arrived home and I thought about what I was going to answer him if he was going to ask why I didn’t answer at his message?
I prepared for the date with an hour before, I couldn’t decide what to wear. It was a little bit ate so I took my purse and I ran outside, impatiently to see him again. We watched the movie and nothing happened. After the cinema he invited me at his apartment. I didn’t know what to do , but I finally said yes. We took a bottle of wine and we arrived. I made myself cozy and I looked through his place and I didn’t see a picture of his parents. He opened the bottle of wine and he poured in two glasses. We sat on the sofa and we started to talk about our lifes and various subjects. After some time, it was a period of silence, each of us was thinking maybe at the same thing. I trembled when he put his glass on the table, he grabbed my hand and looked me in the eyes :
– I can’t stay without you anymore, Corina! I think about you all the time, about your eyes and your beautiful smile!I fell in love with you! I know it isn’t a long time since we know each other and maybe you think that I am crazy, but this is how I feel!
I didn’t let him finish , I put my glass also on the table and I kissed him! We couldn’t stopped, we were tasting eah other and we were living the moment! The passionnate kiss lasted for minutes, it was magical. We made love like two crazy persons, until we were exhausted. We slept together naked and hugging in the messy bed.

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