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Passion for my lover

-My name is Sarah!


I have just been hired at this company and I was hoping to get along very well with my new colleagues.  The first colleague with whom I made an acquaintance was Robert, a sexy man with dark hair, deep green eyes ,thick-lipped and he was wearing an office outfit. It never happened to me before to meet a man and to feel this strange thrill, to lose myself just being around him. Our offices were next to each other in the same room, and also we had to work together at the same projects. He showed me something of what I had to do, but I could not concentrate, my hands were shaking and my voice too. I wasn’t able to look him in the eyes. I was very excited about my new project, but I was also looking forward to see him again and again, to be in his presence. He had a developed sense of humour, but not exagerrated, that’s why I was feeling so relaxed around him. I think that I was falling for him but I didn’t want to admit it. I was married so I refused to think that I could fall for another.   source: getpassioncapital.wordpress.comPassion for my lover

We’ve started to talk a lot, also in our spare time, different things, work-related but he began to be very interested in my personal life also. I admit that there were some moments when I wanted to find out a lot more about him, to get to know him better but I was trying not to, I was afraid of getting too close to him. He told me to get out together but I said no. After that he became a little bit distant, our relationship wasn’t the same anymore, but we had to work together and inevitabely we made eye contact. I started to feel some things, I wanted to touch him when we were close one to another. I told him that we should not behave like that, because we are two mature persons. Slowly he began to call me again in his spare time. Sometimes we had very long conversations  on the phone, talking about various things, his relationships, about what kind of woman I am. I suspected he wanted to go somewhere, I didn’t want to get there, but I also did not dislike that. His voice was lovely, everything about him was beautiful, every gesture, the fact that he was always there for me, by my side. That was the moment when I knew that I am falling in love with him.

All these things have lasted four months, enough time for a man to get bored. One day he told me directly that he likes me and he wants to see me somewehere else, besides work. I avoided the subject, but beacuse it was almost impossible for me to stay away from him anymore, I finally agreed to meet him.

I arrived where he told me to come, the full place was sorrounded by candles and a bottle of wine with two glasses. He was wearing a very sexy perfume, he was looking incredibly hot  and after a sip of wine we began to kiss.  His mouth was tasting like grapes, his lips were full of desire, he was kissing me and careesing my hair, telling me how beautiful I am. These were the most beautiful words for me. We were kissing madly, as if it was the first time for both of us, as if we were discovering the kiss. From the kiss we switched to serious things…He threw me on the bed and started to undress me slowly. My breathing was faster, evey plan I’ve mad was gone, every thought, conception, guilt. I let myself go, I let him kiss me in my intimate zone,he bited slowly my underwear. I wasn’ t sure if he wet me with his tongue, or I was already wet…It didn’t matter anymore. He removed my underwear and I felt his tongue entering deep in my pussy. I felt that I was going to explode, everything was dizzy around me. I searched for his penis, touching him all over his pants, I was craving for him, for his love, for something new in my life. I felt it strong, wanting to penetrate me. I managed to undress him and I felt it big, coming inside me so powerful, full of desire. There were the best moments of sex, the best I had in my entire life. I felt the connection, the chemistry, how fit we were for each other, how I would want him forever inside me.

Nothing will ever going to be the same. We started to date periodically and the days we spent at work were very exciting, we were writing to each other how much we wish to be together.

One evening I told him that I want to make phone sex, because I didn’t try that before. I told him where I wanted him to touch me, to suck his penis, to play with it, to make love in ways we didn ‘t do it. We experienced things we did not try before, I wanted him to be pleased, we did this every time, and it was different and seemed to be new, like we didn’t do it very often. Nobody suspected nothing about us. It was organized a trip at the mountains with all who worked at the company, a few days to relax and socialize. It was somewhere cloistered, we had seperated rooms but that wasn’t a problem. By day time we were staying with the group, he was very careful with me, we were laughing, walking, practicing extreme sports, we were climbing on the mountain, we made barbecues, go shopping. We were acting like two friends, but when the night was coming everything was becoming wild, romantic.

Our first night that we spend untill the morning was a real love story. I took a sexy white lingerie, because I knew that he likes white. We got spoiled in the bathtub, with a bottle of champaigne, we got drunk enough to do a lot of naughty things. We ran naked outside , with the risk that someone will see us,we swam naked in the pool where we made love like two lunatics. We relaxed in the sauna and after that we cooled ourselveves back in the pool. Everything was much more exciting this way, doing forbidden things, things that we shouldn’t do in order not to be discovered. We fall asleep naked, one in the arms of another, touching our smooth skin, kissing slowly.

The morning found us naked. We needed nothing, but love,not food , not aything like that. Each day that we spent there was unique, he is a romantic , clever man that any woman wants in her bed . I wanted to return him the favour so I kissed him all over his body, I massaged him, I offered him relaxation,with tender kisses on the back, soft music, taking a break from making love, relaxing our bodies that were sweated by love.

Every night was full of promises and love that seemed unreachable. The world was muh more beautiful because of him. He gave me hope, he gave me my smile back, because it was lost. By daylight we were chatting without anyone can notice, it was a challenge to be together. We wanted to be together, to leave our dream, our wishes. Day by day we wanted more of us, I was happy with him, he surprised me everytime. I wanted him badly and I felt the same from him. I felt like I was an apreciated, loved woman.

-And when I think about that I did not agree with these kind of relationships, my love!

-Me neither, my love!

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