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Period…and start all over again

I was ending a relationship that lasted 10 years…a relationship with a good, beautiful man, but we didn’t get along anymore. I was thinking that it will take a lot of time until I would get close to somebody else. One day, someone wanted to introduce me to a man, but I refused. I don’t like this way of meeting men. I think it has to come itself, to find each other. Yes, I admit, I am not on my twenties anymore, when I was surrounded by a lot of boys, but I can’t say I really want to find a lover right now. I decided to go on a vacation in cold lands, at ski in Austria. I know, it seems crazy to leave by myself, but I need some time alone.                                              source: movi.4botosani.roPeriod...and start all over again

I didn’t make any plans of travelling, but it is better this way. I believe that things happen in a better way when they are not planned. I booked a room in a nice, rustic cottage, but inside everything seemed to be very elegant from the photos. I promised everybody that I will come back with a new boyfriend from there, but of course it was a joke. Who could I find there? The flight was boring, I didn’t get a big luggage, I will rent there everything I’ll need. I was a little bit nervous during the journey in plane, but I tried to control myself. I photographed the clouds, I read some magazines, I listened to music.

I landed safely and I continued my road by bus, to the cabin. The scenery was stunning, full of little houses just like in fairytales. The nature and the people gave me a positive vibe. I finnally arrived and it was a lot more beautiful than I expected. I was accompanied by the stuff to my room and they wished me good night. When I opened the door I was surprised to see a jacuzzi, an enormous bed covered by a black lingerie and a modern bathroom. Not to mention the wonderful view, the mountains were in front of me, I also saw a beautiful garden, and I had a terrace with a table and a chair, where I will be spending my mornings, drinking tea or a hot chocolate. I took some photos and I sent them to my friends to see the place where I was going to relax and clear my mind. I took a shower, I unpacked and I went to dinner. I ordered a glass of wine and a traditional meal. The restaurant had a very beautiful landscape too, but the sun went down so I couldn’t enjoy the scenery anymore. I ate my food and I read the flyers, to get informed about the places that I could go. I saw a gentleman, between two ages, who read some flyers too. He seemed a handsome man, a mannered man. I wondered if he was alone. I felt the need to talk with somebody, to share things and stories. I liked him and I thought that I got his attention too, probably he was wandering the same thing as me. When I was thinking about what I will do the next day, I heard someone asking me if he can offer me a glass of wine…When I looked it was him, the man I saw before. I didn’t know what to say but I decided to accept. I thank him and I invited him to sit down with me.

– I saw that you are alone and I dared to talk to you. I am alone too and I wanted some company. I arrived here today and I will be staying for a weak. I was looking by the flyers to make some plans where I could go.

-I arrived here today too, and also for a week. I am not familiar with places or what I can do. I would be glad if we will spend the time together.

His name was Tom, and he lives in Holand. I hoped that my English was good enough to be able to make conversation. I wouldn’t dare to approach him. I said I wanted a holiday alone, but regarding the circumstances it would be great to see the places with somebody else, to eat together and visit. I didn’t want to know why he was alone, I just wanted to enjoy his company. We talked some things about the countries where we live, about what will be doing the next day, about our favourite food. The evening ended nicely, each of us went to his room, and the following morning we will be serving breakfast together, ready for adventure. I slept like a baby, due to the exhausting road and the glasses of wine.

The next morning we had breakfast and we left to explore. We had in plan to ski, we wanted to drink mulled wine and enjoy the nature. A few days passed, and we were getting along very well, as if we knew each other for a very long time. We had common things and we felt good together. He has never dared to say something unapropriate, but I felt that he liked me, and I liked him. There were only two days left, the time was flying. One night he told me that he wants to have a special dinner and to wear something elegant. I wore the only dress that I had with me. When I saw him all dressed up, I didn’t know how to react. I didn’t know the reason why we dressed like that.

– I wanted us to have a special night, to serve the best food and to drink the best wine!

I smiled and I let myself gone with the wind. I think that I was falling in love with him. I was looking at him very careful, I was watching his every gesture. I wanted to touch him, but I was ashamed. The dinner was lovely, we were looking to each other, we listened to piano music, we talked about his house and his bussiness in cosmetics and he offered me a gift, a unique perfume. I was dizzy from the wine, it was late and we decided to retire to the room. He accompanied me to my room, I knew that I had to invite him in, but I was nervous. I wanted him badly, but I thought that it was too early, I didn’t want to look like an easy woman, especcially beacuse I just ended a relationship. The inevitable happened, he also wanted that, and when we got in the room he took me in his arms and he kissed me with passion, he pushed me to the door and he told me how much he desires me, that I’m a beautiful woman. I watched him straight in his eyes, I was feeling his breathing, his tobbacco perfume, the skin that I wanted to touch. His kiss gave me chills, and his hand around my waist, made me trembling. He started to undrees me, and I did the same thing to him, looking at his gorgeous naked body. We lost among the sheets, making love like two crazy people, all night until the morning.

The sun was smiling the next morning.

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