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Spring smell

Cold spring days, a season on my soul. I woke up after a night when I dreamed about him, the man from the near building, whom I fell in love with.
I stayed late in night to write at my articles about the paper at which I work. I love my job, I adore to meet new people every time. I met him when he came into my office to offer me some material for some articles about the parks in the town. He was handling the playing places for kids, from all over the city. A man who at the first sight didn’t get my attention in a special way, maybe because I was in a relationship.

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It happened to meet him in the super market in my neighborhood and I found out that we were neighbors. We saluted each other politely and we continued our shopping, but at some point I saw him looking at me. He was alone. Our eyes met again at the milk section and for a few days I thought about him, I started to like him. I wasn’t considering him my kind of man to be honest , but you never know when your preferences might change, regarding anything. His looks gave me shivers, his perfume I was sniffing among the shelves, I was trying to analyze his every aspect, how he was dressed and what he was buying. I thought about him for a few days, but then I told myself that it was pointless to continue thinking about him, because it couldn’t be anything between us, he wasn’t attracted to me. I didn’t think about him anymore, until the night that just passed , when I just couldn’t think at another thing but him.



The next day I asked the colleagues what was hearing about the projects related with the parks and they told me that it was going to come a period when I was going to work with the company for that project, to go and work on the field. I was happy about that and I was hoping that the “company” was going to be represented by him. And so it was.

It was a beautiful may day, everything was green: the grass, trees, a lot of flowers. I love this season , the fresh air, the smell of the first cut grass. I woke up and I drank my coffee at the window, looking at everything that was moving outside. I opened the window to hear the noise outside, to listen to the bird’s singing and the cold air of the morning. Each morning it is a new beginning, I wake up full of life, even though a night before I didn’t sleep. That night was going to be girls night, we were going to go to my house and we were going to talk bout what we did lately, who was new in our lives, we were gong to have our favorite drinks and it was going to be a lot of fun. Once in a month we liked to to that, besides the clubs, or going in town, or watching a movie or trips at the mountain. I drank my flavored coffee , I relaxed by listening to the news then I prepared for a new day of work, I dressed in a blue pair of pants, a white shirt and a jacket, I did my hair in a bun , I took my purse and my car keys, and I left to the office very confident and full of life. At the semaphore I put some lipstick on my lips then when I arrived at work I was in a very great mood.

Everything was going very well, everybody was joking around like the usual, and suddenly I heard:

– Your partner came!

I didn’t realize from the first seconds, but then I heard saluting around. I was sipping from a cup of tea when I saw him. He was coming at me smiling and I was looking straight at him. He was showing like an in love man, a tall guy, a beautiful one, impatient to talk with me.

– It is time to work together at that project , so I have heard. I was impatient to see you. I was looking for you at the super market, I wanted to see you again. I was sorry that I didn’t invite you to dine with me some evening , but I hope that now, since we work together, I will have the opportunity to ask you out.

I watched him and I smiled, but I didn’t answer. I invited him to take a seat on a chair and to look together at what we had to work, where we had to go, how we were going to share the time. Good days were coming. We stayed a few hours at the computer, we ate there, we ordered in a break at some catering company, then we continued our work. The day ended with some advances from him, he tried sometimes to touch my hand, but he stopped. He payed me some compliments and that was all.
In the evening I arrived happy at home, and I prepared the party with the girls. I had a subject to talk about, it was something new for me and it passed some time since I talked about a man. We ordered pizza, I made some pop corn and drinks. We got dizzy, me laughed and we talked about what was new in our lives, I told them about the man with whom I was going to spend the next period at work and whom I was attracted to. The girls made some jokes about that and they bet on a going out that wasn’t going to pass a week and I was going to sleep with him. We stayed up late then we fell asleep where we could and in the morning when the clock ringed we didn’t know how to go faster to the bathrooms, how to prepare ourselves for work. The road to work seemed long, the coffee was near me in the car, and I was having a tired face. All the day I was some kind of absent about what I had to do with him and in the evening he invited me out, but I said no because I didn’t feel up to that, I needed to sleep, so I delayed for the next day to regain my power.

The next day we got out on the field , we visited a park near the office. We talked about the project that was going to be done and he wanted to stay longer to take a walk. He told me a little bit about his life, then he stopped, he took my hands and he confessed me that he likes me, that he didn’t see such beautiful eyes at no women in his life. I admit that it was flattering for me what I was hearing , but I wasn’t letting myself overwhelmed. I thanked him and I wanted to move on to continue our walk but on of his hands touched my chin and then he played with my lips. I was trembling and I wanted to know what was happening. It was surprising for me. After a few moments I found myself kissing with him, in a way that I didn’t want. I was trying to stop but he was holding me very hard and he didn’t let me go then I let myself go with the wind and I wasn’t saying no anymore. Our tongues touched one another, our mouths opened large and I felt the most wonderful sensations ever. He kissed me like that for minutes then he took my waist and we walked for some more. I felt like at the first date as a teenager , I was feeling great.

In the evening we went out , we ate dinner at a restaurant where our spirits got animated. He made some gestures and he opened the subject about sex, how he likes to do that, what he loves at a woman to do in bed , what kind of woman he prefers and he was trying to touch me under the table. We didn’t eat dessert I invited him at my place. We arrived quickly and we undressed each other as soon as we got inside. I studied him naked , I kissed him all over his body then he began to touch me everywhere , on my soft and sweaty skin, he took my ass in his hands and he started to kiss it, then he put me on my back on the bed and I felt his strong penis touching me between my legs. I was curious to touch it, I took it in my hands and I played a little bit with him, then I leaded it to my pussy, I couldn’t wait any longer. I did sex with a real man who definitely had many women in his life, judging about the way he made me feel. I felt like I couldn’t breath anymore, but I didn’t want to let him finish. He made me feel a real woman. My heart was beating very fast when he finished , and he kissed me slowly and he got up to go to the bathroom.

The following days we spent together, days and nights, we did wild sex at his place and also at my house , and step-by-step we began to care for each other , and he became from the man who seemed to want just sex, the man who wanted a relationship , the careful and romantic man.

The spring starts with you and it ends when the love starts: the love between us two, the absolute and unexpected love. Your smell has something special, it is the smell of love. I would love and spoil you like you do to me, but never like I was expecting. I wish to feel that forever and to wake up daily full of life, and with desire for you…

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