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The autumn of love

The summer passed quickly and my vacation starts now. I will spend a month on travelling, but first I will stop in the native village of my parents, at their country house, where my grandparents lived and the house was restoredt and it is looking very good, it has an immense yard and a big orchard. It is the place where we feel great, my parents and I. This time I will go alone, because I broke up with George. The relationship didn’t work anymore, and we decided to go separate ways.

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It is a warm weather, I do my luggage and I put it in the car, I take with me everything I need, not to miss a thing. For the road I made a playlist of my favourites songs and from time to time I stop to talk with my best friend on the phone.
After a long road through nice places, I finnally arrive at my destination. I arrange my things and after that I take a walk through the garden. It was almost dawn, the night was going to install soon. The sky was red, the Sun could be barely seen, like a fire ball on the horizon. I walked through the yard and I took some autumn fruits. The leaves were begginning to fade. I took a deep breath of the fresh and perfumed air, then I went to the swing. I layed on my back and I stayed like that for a few minutes, listening to the trill of the birds, feeling the soft wind and sometimes there were some sounds from the animals of the neighbours. I wished to be alone there with him, with the man who I used to come there when we felt the need to be alone and enjoy the tranquillity of the place, it didn’t matter the season. I have so many memories with him! We spent a Christmas there with a bunch of friends. It was a lot of snow and we had fun, it is a memorable Christmas. Now I am trying to move on, to forget him. I went on the porch where it was another swing, I pourred some wine and I was remembering what I did when I was a child and my parents brought me here, at my grandparents, on holiday time. I had an amazing childhood, without worries, spoiled by my grandparents. I think very often about me if I stayed at the countryside, if my parents would;ve remainde there.

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What are the countryside people doing? It is a relaxing place, but also you need to work hard. We have someone who do all the work in the yard when we are not in here. As I was standing and drinking my wine, my phone rang, it was my friend Raluca and she wanted to know if I arrived safely. We laughed and we remembered what we did together here , how many crazy stuff we did like two children. The conversation ended at some point and the night came and it was cold. I entered the house to pour some wine again and to take a blancket, it was nice there, I didn’t want to stay inside. I listened to the silence of the night and sometimes a car was passing on the road. I stayed until I was sleepy. I ate something and then I took a warm bath. I layed on the bed just wearing a robe and I fell asleep, tired from the long road , the wine and the strong air. I woke u in the morning with messy hair, bothered by some Sun rays that entered the room because I forgot to close the blinds. I got up from the bed and I opened the window, letting the air to fulfill the room with its freshness. I washed my face and I made a coffee to drink it outside.I put some slippers and I got outside, wearing the robe. I remained barefoot and I ran through the wet grass, I was like a child, enjoying the nature. I was laughing and screaming with joy, and I started to sing, I admit I have a lovely voice. While I was dancing and singing, George appeared in front of me, I was amazed, I turned into stone.
– What are you doing here? I was very nervous, ashamed of the situation, but I also was very happy to see him.
– I came to apologize and to tell you that I love you and I can’t live without you!
My knees melted instantly and I looked him in his eyes full of tears, he was really wanted me to forgive him. I jumped in his warm and strong arms and I told him that I love him so much. He took me in his arms and entered the house, he undressed me and he put me in the bath tub to wash my feet. I took off hist T-shirt, his pants and I invited him to take a shower with me. We made love and we touched each other like never before. We washed one another and he pulled my hair and grabbed me down to his penis. I tasted it from a very long time, it was strong and powerfull. He took me up again and he put my hands on the wall and he penetrated me deeply. I have never felt a bigger wish, I lost him and I had him back again. When we finished we layed on the bed, cuddling. He came to spend his vacation with me. I was a happy woman. We laughed about the situation when he found me barefoot, dancing in the yard. We were lazy all the day and in the evening we made a barbeque. He was the most wonderful man. He kissed my forehead, telling me how much he missed me. He went to take a shower after we ate, and I went outside on the porch drinking something. I called my friend Raluca to tell her how happy I was annd she told me that she knew, she and George conspire with each other. It passed some time, he wasn’t returning from the shower, it was a big silence, I felt something is up. Suddenly all our friend appeared, with baloons, with trumpets for party, shouting and making a big noise. I didn’t know what was all about.
– Will you be my wife, now and forever?
He got out from the house and he was staying on his knees in front of me. I was trembling with emotions but I tryed to control myself and I said yes. He took me in his arms and spinned around with me, he told how much he loves me and how happy I make him. We spend the best autumn noth there, making plans and loving each other continuously.

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