Fading love


I was in a relationship for almost a year. She was a voluptous blonde, with blue eyes and white skin, with a perfect build butt and abdomen, and I was the sexy man with an athletic and  well-build body too, black eyes and curved eyelashes and an amazing hair. We looked very good together. We had always apreciated and respected each other. I have never cheated on her, but our love wasn’t like at the beginning, it wasn’t the same attraction. I was loving her differently. Once, I found out that she kissed with someone else, a friend told me. At first I didn’t believe it and I asked her and she admitted. To revenge, I kissed somebody else too and I told her. She didn’t believe it , but I insisted. She was very jealous. Since then, we estranged from each other and we decided to break up, but it didn’t last too much and we got back together and we broke up again after that. A kiss it is not a big mistake or cheating, so we got back together and we swored that nothing will interfere in our happinness. But it wasn’t like that. It wasn’t the same love anymore.         

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