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Unexpected love

It was the last month of autumn… the chilly November. It was the season when I was going clubbing, every bar and pub of Constanta was visited by me and my crazy squad. I have always been a party girl, I have always liked to be in the centre of attention and to spend quality time with my friends. In the summer time I was going to the beach and I was spending most of my nights in Vama Veche , but when the winter was coming , the night clubs were in trend. That year was going to be special and so I met the love of my life, Cosmin, under the most unexpected circumstances.

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Being a student it has its advantages…you get to know a lot of new people, make activities, getting out and learning new stuff… So I was hanging out with a bunch of friends, each of them with their talent: some of them were musicians, they were practicing music casually, like a hobby, they were doing karaoke, some of them were bartenders at bars as part time jobs like it was used during college time…some of them were dancers, and they were having shows in different clubs in town. I was studying , like in the present, at the Art University, I have wanted since I was a kid to become an actress. It was a difficult university but I was in love with every minute of it and I was trying my best during the classes , I was reading a lot, but in my free time I was partying like an animal, if you know what I mean. I am a minion girl, with blonde hair, green eyes , nice curves and a naughty smile… I am a happy person and I was attracted by positive people and with free spirit.


It was a Friday afternoon, and after the last class at the college I got out with one of my best girls to have a cup of coffee at Starbucks. We were enjoying every time there, my favorite drink was coffee with hazelnut flavor. We arrived at the coffee shop and we took a seat… Suddenly my friend was waving at some guy who was staying in front of us… He was waving back at her and he was with another guy at the table, but he was with his phone in his hand and he was not looking at us, but then that guy told him to look towards us and when he left the phone he looked straight to my face, and I was speechless: he had the most amazing eyes in the world…they were blue, a blue like the color of the sky. His lips were sensual, and his hair was rebel. I thought that he was the most beautiful guy I have ever seen in my life. My friend , Irina, saw my reaction, he was knowing me very well and she told them to accompany us at the table… I was feeling so nervous. They came and took a seat with us, the boy who waved at Irina sat next to her, and the other one sat in front of me. They were both very good looking. We made acquaintance , Irina’s friend’s name was Marius, and the other one was Cosmin. The strange thing was that Marius was smiling and he was so sociable, but Cosmin seemed arrogant and very serious and unsociable. I tried not to ruin my mood and I continued to laugh and make conversation. We drank or coffees, we said jokes, we laughed, all of us, the only exception was Cosmin. It was getting late so we decided to leave. We said goodbye and we planned that the next day to go out in Fratelli, it was a night club in Constanta. As we were going to the car, Irina saw me a little bit strange and asked:

– What is it, Bella? Why are you so confused? Didn’t you like the guys?

– No, it is not that! I liked them both, I find Cosmin a very attractive boy but he was arrogant and mean!

– I don’t know, he might look like that but maybe you need to know him better!

I felt that Irina was knowing more than she wanted to share, but I left it like that. I got home, I took a warm bath, I read my favorite novel and I felt asleep. I woke up the next day, it was a beautiful Saturday morning, I made some warming up exercises and I listened to some music. I stayed all day in the house, I made some cleaning and the evening came quickly, my girls came to my house and we started to prepare for the night in the club. Me made our hair, we put on some make up and we dressed very sexy and provocative, we were young, restless and ready to party. I put on my lucky perfume and we stepped out of the house with confidence. We arrived at the club and we had a table next to the bar, where guess who was on the shift that night: Cosmin. He was looking very handsome, he had a little bit of a beard, a black shirt and jeans and he looked at me but he didn’t even saluted. I was amazed and I told Irina about that and she told me to chill out. I don’t know what was it, but I was feeling something very strange, I wanted to know him and he was making me very interested because he was acting that arrogant and with mistery. I have to admit that I was used with different behavior of guys around me, I was a courted girl and I wanted to get his attention too. So I walked to the bar In a very sexy way, I waited patiently at the line, the club was so crowded. When I reached the line he was serving and I asked him :

– Well, hello to you too, stranger! I would like some vodka with juice, please!

– Hi, Bella! I guess your name is that, no? I meet so many girls and I forget sometimes! He smiled with pride.

When I heard that I started to laugh and I thought that he was very proud of himself and I didn’t want to make him feel important, so I told him:

– It is ok, I get that! We are too little for you! Thank you for the drink, here’s the money!

And I left. I danced all night and I saw him watching my every move, step, every guy that he was approaching me… I got his attention and it made me feel great! I got a little dizzy and I started to dance in a more intimate way with a friend, when suddenly someone interfered, it was Cosmin, and it seemed like he knew my friend, he whispered him something and then my friend left. I was standing in front of Cosmin, surprised, annoyed because I couldn’t understand what did he do, when he came near me and took me to dance. He was looking me deep in my eyes and he told me:

– It is something about you, something intriguing, you talked with me differently, you are not like the other girls!

And he kissed me! A long, passionate kiss, I didn’t care about nothing at all, I was seeing only him, we were synchronizing perfectly. At some point he invited me out of the club, to talk more privately! I was feeling that something was going to happen, it was the first time in my life when I was doing that but I didn’t care! I followed him to the back of the club and he took my hand and told me:

– I’m gonna ask you: yes, or no?

– Yes!

We started to kiss madly, I jumped in his arms, I put my hands around his waist, he was pulling my hair and he was touching me all over my body. I wasn’t feeling the cold anymore, the alcohol and the desire that I was having for him made me lose control… He pushed me to the wall and grabbed my hands, and he was holding them with one of his hands, and with the other one he touched my pussy, the spot was already wet, I was feeling very excited and horny and I wanted him to get deep inside me! So he did that… I felt his strong penis entering , I looked him in those blue eyes and he started to move fast, until we both cum…it was the most wild sex in my life. After we finished, he took me to a bathroom at the back of the club, we refreshed a little bit, and he told me that he wasn’t going to forget that and we kissed. We got back in the club together, holding hands, and the rest of the night I spent it at the bar, helping him. The following days became the best of my life, I got to know him better, he wasn’t so arrogant after all, he was just hurt before in a relationship, he wasn’t trying to get to know another girl and so he wanted to seem indifferent and tough. But he felt something very strange for me, a big unusual attraction and we fell in love like two crazy persons.

We are still together now, it is amazing how life can surprise you, I found my love when I least expected! I love him, I want him, he makes me feel a woman .

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