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What do we know about men?

It is very interesting that some women pretend to know everything about men, but in fact they know nothing. Same thing for men too. Humans are different, they behave differently, they have their own routines and habits, they are attracted to certain types of people. Men are attracted to strong, beautiful women, but mostly to the inteligent ones. If a man dates a stupid woman, he is like her or he just wants to have sex with her.

Let’s talk about physical aspect…Men don’t give a big importance to it. Of course, there are exceptions, who are very careful about their looks, too much I might add, more than a woman. It’s a good aspect, but they need to have a limit.  source:

What do we know about men

If a man it’s attracted to a woman, it doesn’t matter if she is married, has two children , he just wants her in his bed.

When they are very young, men are boasting about how many women they had in their bed, even though the number wasn’t so big. They believe they are more men if they do that.

No matter how much a woman she would give her interest to prepare a romantic evening, the man won’t apreciate it. He thinks straght to the point, to his own interest. Very few men are romantics.

Most often, sex starts without prelude from the man. They are too horny and eager to pass directly to the facts, they are no longer thinking about woman’s pleasure. Women want prelude in order to make love, they are not like them.  A few touches, kisses, beautiful words in her ear, these things do miracles when it’s about sex.

A man rarely brings flowers to a woman because he is embarrased to walk with them in their hands or they think that they are going to fade anyway, so why should they buy them at all. Better he comes with a bottle of wine to enjoy it both of them.

The ideal man is hard to find because he is not real! Women ask for too much from them, but they are not offering so much either.

To maintain the passion and avoid monotony, here is a tip for you girls: men like to experience new things in bedroom, things they see in the adults movies, to do new positions , etc.

Men are masturbating very often, although they have a stable relationship. They like that, sometimes next to their partner, they believe it is more exciting that way.

A man’s penis is considered their “manhood”. They always want a bigger penis to satisfy women’s pleasure. Some men have a thin, long penis, other long and thicker, others smalle but thicker and others just a small one. The important think is that they must know what to do with it and how to do it.

Phone sex with a man helps a lot. Even though he is not next to the woman, when he is left that helps a lot. Or just to write him about what you want him to do to you and stuff like that, they mantain his interest and keeps him from sleeping to someone else. He will want you more, it will be something new.

Men want to experience new things in bedroom, so if you dress into something sexy and surprising, definetely is going to bee a good sex. They want you even though you are not dressed in something sexy, but doing that they will want you more and they will offer you a lot more pleasure. They are sensitive and they can’t have orgasm in any situation, just like a woman. Wheter is oral sex or a hand job, this things help.

If a woman asks a man to sleep with her, he doesn’t hesitate a second.

Men are hardly involved sentimentally into sex. They just want to feel good and that’s all. They are “build” that way.

If a man buys you absorbents when you are not prepared with some, he is a keeper for sure. They are few men who do that and the ones that don’t do it won’t be for thei girlfriends in a time of need.

A man should give the first orgasm to a woman because if he does that, she will offer him a lot more pleasure, being already satisfied. Few men know that and they hurry up to have the firt oragasm, then they forget about the woman, about her needs.

Men should come up with the ideas, say what they want to experience, take the lead, not to wait everything from the woman.

Men are very amorous, even though they don’t admit it. If they really love a woman, they are capable of doing things that they don’t even like.

What does attract a man when he is in bed with a woman? She must be half naked.

Men should swing places with a woman and vice-versa. It will be funny but also very helpful.

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