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When you feel alone and you miss him, talk to him. Tell him that you love him and that you desire him. There are so many words that can make him feel crazy missing.

December evening, I was sitting in my bed with the laptop in my arms. I wanted at least to hear his voice. I haven’t talked with him in a week, I don’t know if he is ok anymore. He told me since he left that we won’t be able to talk for a week, until he settles there. I was looking at his pictures and sighed, when suddenly he wrote me:

– How is my princess?

I was feeling my heart ready to pop out from my chest. I have never missed him so much. We were together all the time, rarely apart. Now he had to go away for a month. I was missing him… I sighed again and I waited to see what he was writing. I was waiting impatiently for every word, I was waiting for him to tell me that he misses me, like I was missing him. And he told me that… He told me that he was missing me , that he loves me and that he wants me. He was thinking about me everyday and he was always remembering our moments together. He sent me a photo with him naked. My heart was beating very fast, I could barely breath. That moment when you think at other stuff, not at something like that, and you receive a surprise like that. I was having a big desire to make love with him. I was in mood of him. I haven’t had sex with him in a week and I was exploding with desire. We started to talk about what we wanted to do to each other, how we wanted to touch one another. We were both writing. He was telling me how he wanted to kiss me, to touch my skin, my breasts, to caress me and play with my nipples. I was all wet, I wanted to fly to his arms in that very moment. I began to touch myself on the breasts and between my legs. I started to touch a lot my wet pussy, with my legs off, and I also told him what I was doing. Then he told me that he was naughty as well ad he wanted me to send him a photo of me. I sent him the photo and for a few second he didn’t reply. I was waiting eagerly for him to say something, anything at all. He finally wrote me that he couldn’t control himself anymore and he touched himself until he cum. I did the same thing. It was something new for us , but pleasant at the same time. Our words made us feel good , even though it was the distance. I was all sweaty and I was missing him a lot, but I was a little bit calmed down after that. I felt love , even though he was gone. I was thinking that the time will pass and we will be together again and we were going to hold each other in the arms. We said good night and I stayed for a while to look at his picture again. I stayed for some minutes, next to my laptop then I went to take a shower. My thoughts were with him still, the love of my life. I caught up my hair and I looked at me in the mirror. The world seemed empty without him. I was realizing the fact that we miss them when they are gone. I was staying in the mirror and looking at me, touching my breasts, my lips, my pussy, my whole naked body. I was trying to remember the sensation of his hands on my body, the moments when we both were staying in front of that mirror and he was caressing me , watching me. I was loving the idea to see him when he was doing that, to see him naked, to feel him behind my back, touching me. I dreamed about that for another few minutes and I touched myself again , then I got in the shower to wash myself. I put some shower gel and with slowly moves I covered myself in it, making my skin so soft. The water was all over my face, I was letting it enter sometimes in my mouth too. After the hot, relaxing and citric flavoured shower, my skin was feeling tired and spoiled. My body was feeling the need to sleep. I lay down on the soft bed, I cocooned myself naked as I was and I fell asleep thinking about him.

The next day I found a message from him: “ I love you so much, my little princess. You are everything for me and we will see each other soon, I will hold you in my arms and I will never let you go again!”
I smiled, it made my day. I was feeling loved and happy, even though he wasn’t next to me. I felt his love through all of me, when I see the pictures with him and also the ones with both of us, when he is gone and when he is with me, the lose it is the same: powerful. I started to jump up and down with joy and I wrote him also a lot of beautiful things, how I would like to love each other when he was going to return to me. That day I spent it in the house, it was Sunday , I was lazy in bed and I watched some movies , I ate sweets and I talked with him. I was missing him more and more. The following days I was busy at work, I talked to him over the phone, we chatted, we sent some photos to each other. I was envious about the beautiful places that he was seeing without me, but he promised me that we were going to go in a vacation there, in London. The fact that he left will improve financially our future , he was going to be promoted and obviously a better salary was included. He was very excited about the fact that we were going to buy a house and we were going to move in together. At that moment he was having a beautiful apartment, in which he was living alone, but we want a house with a yard, we want a dog and a lot of space where we can barbeque and enjoy the fresh air. He told me to start looking for houses and to visit them when he returns. I was spending the time with work to forget he was not by my side.

The days passed, the weeks and the month were gone, and finally the big day came. I woke up and I made some coffee, I took the keys and I left to his apartment to make some cleaning, to cook something and to prepare myself to pick him from the airport in the evening. My smile was visible on my face form miles away. He wrote me a lot of times since I woke up , we were both impatient to hold each others in the arms. I cook for him his favourite food, everything was looking amazing, I took a shower and I went to the airport. My heart was racing, I was very nervous, I wanted so bad to see him. The meeting was explosive, I jumped in his arms, and tears of happiness. All the road back home he held my hand and watched me while I was driving, and we got back home he took me in his arms and kissed me like never before. I was feeling that he missed me and the love that he has for me. I made love with him, the clothes were thrown away in the house, we were craving for each other, we wanted to feel our bodies, we were hungry for love. We made love for hours, I remembered his taste, the taste that I missed so much. The next day we woke up one in the arms of each other, I smiled when I saw his face that was looking at me with such love. He got off the bed and went to the luggage and brought me a lot of presents, things that I wanted and he knew everything that I like. I kissed him and thanked him and we spent all the day together, we took a shower, we ate the goodies that I prepared , we watched the photos that he shooted there and we settled where we were going to see the houses the next day, to make our crazy nest, to decorate it as we want it. I love to do things like that with him, to build a future together, to come back from work in the evenings at home, at our home, to enjoy what we have together and especially to be happy about a house with a yard and to have a dog who will run on the green loan. I am the happiest woman alive, I have the most beautiful and loving man. A beautiful man for me it is not a model, on the contrary he is beautiful on the inside , the one who writes me beautiful words when he is not near me , the one who supports me and share my ideals in life. His love made me an involving woman , it made me trust me and also him.

The house that we wanted we picked together and now we try to decorate it after our taste. I love him with all my being, when he sleeps , when he is happy , when he is mad at me , when he makes love with me. He is the only man in my life who made me live the best sensations , and to know the real feeling of love.

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